Going Through The Twin Flame Relationship Stages

There are many characteristics to the twin flame union and there are many twin flame relationship stages you may go through. Some of these stages will be more difficult than others, depending on how strong you are as a person spiritually. As you already know a twin flame is a single soul that was split into two souls, who are now left to embark on earth separately.

These unique souls were just One, the two souls who long for each other and want to reunite as one again throughout their many life times on earth.


Your twin flame is just the mirror of your self and you both have this incredible link, you are both connected to each other, you wanted this person your whole life. It has been said by many that to truly know the meaning of being “complete or one” is to know yourself.

The twin flame union can be special and extraordinary, and can be heart breaking too. It’s probably one of the most difficult relationship you will face, if you have just began your journey with your twin flame, it’s important to understand that you need to be prepared. We have listed below the twin flame relationship stages you will go through with your twin flame.

Twin Flame Relationship Stages You will Encountertwin flame relationship stages 2

1. Prepare your self, this is very important.

This stage is very important, and will factor greatly how prepared you are to form a union with your twin flame, whether you have yet to meet them or already have them in your life. The Universe has already prepared you for the initial stages by allowing you to experience karmic relationship (soul mates). These relationships tend to be very sweet and end very badly. These relationships allow you to awaken and grow and learn your karmic lessons.

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In this stage you should practice self love, plan how you want your life. Work on the issues with previous relationships. Allow your self to be alone and enjoy it, work on your dreams etc. You want the energy that you are one amazing being and everyone adores you, you are important.

Work on your spiritual self, and promise not to change even if you meet the most amazing person. When your soul is balanced and selfless, you may sense your true self and your soul will begin to feel your twin flame. If you are already with your twin flame, this stage is still very important.


2. Anticipating meeting with your twin flame.

This is the stage where you actually meet your twin flame, the first meeting. It will happen when you least suspect it and you won’t believe what is happening.

In this twin flame relationship stages you will feel that magnetic pull towards a stranger, and in your soul you have already recognized them and feel you know them from some where. Maybe its the moment you get that inner sense, “hey stranger, where have you been all this time?”twin flame relationship stages 1

3. Developing a deeper connection.

After the first initial encounter with your twin flame, both of you will be feeling the magnetic pull, now you will run into each other more often. Your are both being pulled together by the unusual synchronicity. As you both continue your interactions, you will feel the connection deepening, you know the feeling you have known them for lifetime.

4. Being in love

In this twin flame relationship stages, you both become couples. Now you are understanding the deeper meaning of the twin flame relationship. You are both deep in love and feel a sense of perfection, intense love and connection, just feels perfect and better than any other relationship you have been in. This stage is just a small indication what a twin flame relationship is like.

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5. Separation

We mentioned that the first stage is very important, and this is where it all counts, if you were not prepared and this meeting took place… then you will be heading for the separation stage. Everything in the twin flame relationship is intensified, all your emotions and feelings whether they are positive or negative. Not doing the inner work in the first stage may allow the negative emotions to take control.


In this stage you may experience the Runner and chaser. One twin flame will be the runner, trying to avoid the partner by running away. This happens because of the overwhelming emotions and feelings, they could be negative or positive, the runner assumes they are losing control, often the runner is the one who is less mature and not prepared.twin flame relationship stages 3

6. The Reunion

In this stage twin souls become one again. After the separation both of you have realized the reality you are in, which is a spiritual reality. You have managed to let go of emotional baggage. There is only unconditional love and harmony, feeling the bliss. Now as twin flames your work begins to guide this world, be selfless and help others find their inner bliss.

Concluding the twin flame relationship stages

These are some of the common twin flame relationship stages you may encounter. You might go through other stages as every twin flame couple is different. Are you going through any of these twin flame relationship stages? Please share your experience.



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