We have discussed many different aura colours, but out of all of them, the gold aura holds the most transcendental meaning.

The gold aura is the mark of a spiritual master, those with strong connections to the spiritual plane and to the ascended masters who reside there.

When somebody has gold in their aura, it is always a good sign. To explain why we should talk about the meaning of the gold aura.

The Gold Aura Meaning

Unlike almost all of the other aura colours, we cannot gain a gold aura by accident.

It is the marker of spiritual work done.

As we do our spiritual work, learning the lessons of life and receiving karmic instruction, our low-frequency energies are being transmuted alchemically to high-frequency energies.

This is often referred to as “raising the vibrations” or “raising your energies”.

We can see this process in the aura.

Low-frequency energies are darker in colour and correspond to the negative, base emotions and behaviours that our primal animal mind still conjures up.

Fear, anger, jealousy – all of these things produce low-frequency energy and darken our aura.

Acting obtains higher frequency energies and thinking well. Kindness, conscientiousness, confidence and love are all higher frequency emotions that bring out brighter and more brilliant hues in our aura.

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But the highest frequency energies are the ones surrounding oneness and consciousness – the spiritual values that help to elevate us to higher planes of consciousness.

These highest frequency energies produce the gold aura.


As we do our spiritual work, those low-frequency energies are raised to the higher, and then highest, frequency energies.

As this happens, our auric energies (which are a product of our spiritual energies) are transmuted bit by bit into gold auric energies.

For most people, this is one part in a million or so.

But for the ascended masters, those few whose dedication to spiritual work was so great that they fully ascended to a higher state of consciousness, the aura becomes gold in its entirety. This symbolises and full and accurate view of the nature of the universe and consciousness and the oneness that encompasses it.

While still on Earth, this ascension is not complete.

Full ascension to the status of an ascended master requires a complete gold aura, and for the living, this is almost impossible due to the muddiness and emotional nature of life.

But a significant amount of gold in the aura is a sure sign of significant spiritual progress in an individual.

When we discover we have gold in our aura we know that the spiritual work we have been putting in is paying off in a concrete way. We should take the opportunity of learning this to reflect on our journey so far.

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The next part of the journey may well be to use the energy the gold aura is expressing to help to heal others spiritually. After all, that’s what all of the ascended masters did with their spiritual practice.