Golden Age of Gaia: The Vision I’m Holding

I was sharing with some friends what I was creating. What I’m creating is constantly emerging so this was my latest statement of it.

I must say to whoever is helping me articulate this vision that I like it and I’m behind it. “What am I creating? I’m creating a restoration of collective will among lightworkers on this planet such that they will come together to use their financial resources to build Nova Earth: to rid the Earth of global problems like hunger and poverty and create a world that works for everyone.

“[We’ll soon be] handed the resources and now we need to do the actual work.” What does this mean?

A restoration of collective will among lightworkers on this planet…

Wherever the will to collaborate is lacking, to encourage it, call it forth (if it can be called forth), to help others to find their will.

The collective will is 7 billion individual wills, intending.

What we need to do is to make that process of intending a conscious matter and then exercise our will in a conscious and unified manner to build Nova Earth together.

… such that they will come together to use their financial resources to build Nova Earth:

Financial resources: A portion of funds received from a Reval investment, a prosperity program, the sale of historic bonds, or any other element of the abundance program. We asked Archangel Michael to give us the tools and we’d finish the job. These are the tools.

Come together: Don’t give it to me. This is not a pitch for you to send me your money. It’s a pitch to send it to a central organization that will receive and channel the funds.

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Either financial wayshowers could leave it to the organization to channel them or specify programs of the donor’s choice.

Let’s use these funds to end hunger. End poverty. End disease on the planet. End all other causes of global misery and suffering.

Build Nova Earth: Turn away from a consideration of the past to build the future. Concentrate our attention on the emergent shape of the new world – new society, new government, new spirituality, new education, new finances, etc.

Rid the Earth of global problems like hunger and poverty…

Working separately, financial wayshowers won’t be able to impact the global situation But if we pool our resources, we could.

The most we could do separately would be to think globally and act locally.  If we combine our efforts, we’d be able to think globally and act globally.

Only unworkability is visible. When people are in perfect health, their perfect health is usually not noticeable. But a beggar’s plight, a leper’s, a victim of AIDS… their plight is very visible.

We need to take the unworkability in the world – hunger, poverty, slavery, disease, disability – and make it workable. But we need to do it in an organized way.

… and create a world that works for everyone.

When I first heard Werner Erhard use this phrase, it electrified me. But I didn’t know how anyone could build a world that works for everyone. It seemed an impossible dream to me.

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Now it’s crystal clear. A world that works for everyone is a Fifth-Dimensional world. It’s a world in which heaven has been brought to Earth. It’s a return to the Garden. It’s a world without duality, separation, and suffering. It’s a world whose primary and unmistakeable characteristics are love and bliss.

As I write these words, I gently enter into the blissful state.  Here, in this state, nothing is amiss; nothing is lacking; nothing is required.

Saturation with bliss, I assert, will transform everyone into a person of whom it could be said that they do what works and what they do works.

Saturation with the bliss of the Fifth Dimension will by itself create a world that works for everyone. Our challenge is to grow and evolve by creating that world before Ascension.

… [We’ll soon be] handed the resources and now we need to do the actual work.

Our constant refrain has been that our hands are tied because we don’t have the money. Well, now we’re about to get the money.

There are no more excuses for not rolling up our shirtsleeves and getting to work.  We need to come together in a Lightworkers Congress to plan out how to accomplish our task.

We then need to debate the various proposals and accept some or all of them.

Next as financial wayshowers we need to contribute the resources to accomplish it.

Then we need to get to work.

This is the vision I’m holding.

By Steve Beckow

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