Golden ray twin flames embody the soul mission of the highest spiritual goals – the ascension of humanity to a higher dimension of consciousness.

It is one of many color rays you can have, with each corresponding to a chakra energy center in the subtle body.

The golden ray is linked both with the solar plexus chakra (yellow) and the solar chakra (gold).

The latter of which is a part of the 12 chakra system that describes the connection between the primary (or significant) chakras of the subtle body with the greater consciousness of the universe.

This connection makes this color ray particularly unique – and exceptionally rare.

Golden Ray Twin Flame Soul Mission

The soul mission for golds is the same as for every other color – to raise the vibrations of humanity to bring us into a higher dimension of consciousness through ascension.

However, each color ray goes about this differently.

Golds display enthusiasm for their soul mission and pursue it with power, will, and determination.

They utilize the masculine energy they wield to try to have the most significant effect on the vibrations of humanity.

In pursuit of this goal, they often develop incredible powers of spiritual healing.

They influence others easily and bring them into the light in as large a number as they can.

For golds, it is all about bringing as many people on board as possible to help speed up the current process of ascension and awakening that is happening on Earth.

Golden Ray Twin Flame Ascended Masters

The ascended masters are those who have achieved the highest level of enlightenment and have ascended to the higher dimensions of consciousness.

They include figures like the Buddha and the Dalai Lama.

What they all have in common is that they had a massive effect on the spiritual evolution of humanity by extending love and light to as many people as possible.

They did this with an iron will and determination, being uncompromising in achieving their mission.

Golden rays share the same drive and determination in pursuing their soul mission and tend to go about it in the same way.

Golden Ray Twin Flame Signs

Do you want to know if your twin flame relationship fits the bill as of the golden ray?

Try to spot the following signs:

  • You are both charitable, but prefer to get involved rather than give money.
  • You believe that by being directly involved, you can have a greater effect.
  • You think big. Improving by small increments isn’t good enough for you.
  • You need to make a big difference, willing to take risks to enforce drastic change.
  • You are natural healers. Others find it helpful to be around you during the dark times, and you are nourished by helping them to heal.
  • You feel the strongest calling to your soul mission.
  • Nothing will stand in your way.

Does this sound like yourself and your partner?

If not, there are other color rays that you might better identify.

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