Cat symbolism is very diverse.

There are untold amounts of ways to decipher the symbols cats present to us through our dreams and real life.

No other animal has accompanied humans through history as our feline family has.

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Cats have their own symbolism associated with them.

And rightly so, cats are the most intellectually and psychically compatible with humans on our planet.

If you are awakened to this energy you will know that cats represent our divine feminine.

In fact, cats are one of the few animals whose symbolism is tied closely to our emotions by the color of their fur.

The grey cat is one of the most important ones.

The overriding energy of grey/silver/blue and lilac cat colors is the concept of time.

So let’s run through the symbolic meanings of a grey cat and the ways in which a grey cat is fortuitous in the way you live your life.

Editors note: While we are at it…we as authors are told not to use “big words”, even if they are the most perfect fit to describe something as vividly as we can to you.

They say you don’t understand their meaning and therefore should simplify words for you.

Bolick’s we say!

You are smart, and we know that if you don’t understand a word that we write that you will look up the meaning. We do and know you will because you are awesome and amazing.

You are here reading this because you are on a spiritual journey.

You are paying attention to your dreams and the symbolism in your everyday life.

Well done fellow galactic, cosmic traveler. We see you and you matter!

Good Fortune

In many eastern cultures, the grey cat is seen as a symbol of good fortune.

Usually, this fortune is attached to the color silver, a variant of grey.

Silver is a valuable intergalactic metal commodity. Not all elements are of cosmic value, but silver is up there next to gold.

There are even marriage ceremonies that include presenting a grey cat to the newly-weds as a way to bring them good fortune and long life together.

Cats, in general, are seen as good luck, but the grey cat has been considered particularly lucky across many cultures and throughout history.


They also symbolize the mystery of life and the uncertainty of our experience of it.

This is a common theme of the color grey and is where we get the idea of “grey areas” to mean areas in which we are uncertain.

The grey cat embraces this mystery and uncertainty and thrives in it, understanding that perspective is everything and we must often rely on our intuition.


The grey cat also symbolizes guidance from the spiritual realm.

When we think of spirits, we think of them as silver or grey, and this is no accident. The grey cat embodies the spiritual realm and represents the way it guides us all through our lives.

For this reason, the grey cat makes an excellent spirit animal or totem.

A pet grey cat will often subtly guide its owner towards the spiritual needs they might be neglecting, helping to provide spiritual growth.


The grey cat has a particular tendency towards temperance, symbolizing the need for peace and stability in our lives.

This helps to calm us when we are angry, pick us up when we are down, and remind us of the need to stop and consider before we act.


They also remind us of the importance of silence.

We all need time to contemplate the world around us quietly, and the grey cat symbolizes the value of shutting out the noise of the world.

This plays into the spiritual side of the grey cat as it is through valuing this temporary isolation that we find the true value in meditation and contemplation.

Old Souls

Finally, the grey cat has become a symbol of the old soul. Some traditions believe that the grey cat is a reincarnation of some of the oldest souls in the universe.

Perhaps we can think of them as “grandfather cats”.

They indeed have plenty of wisdom to offer, and it is through considering the symbolism of the grey cat that we can achieve balance, wisdom, and spiritual growth that allows us to live full, happy lives.

Grey Cat Dream Meaning

Okay, now we know a few good things about grey cats, but what’s the symbolism when you see them in a dream?

Cats are spiritual and high-energy beings. In fact, cats exhibit a much wider aura than humans, which says a lot about their intuition and spiritual connection with the world.

When you dream of a grey cat, it symbolizes your journey in life. It’s time you started paying attention to new energy that’s about to enter or has entered your life.

This new energy is feminine since cats symbolize feminity.

The grey cat also signifies that you are on the right track, and you have made the right changes to make your life better. Could it be that you have integrated a spiritual lifestyle?

Connecting to your inner self is crucial to know what you want in life and sometimes everything we are chasing in life won’t benefit us. 

Cats know this, they are very spiritual in their zen-like attitude, a sentiment that’s echoed by Echarte Tolle. 

There other factors that are important to understanding your dream about a grey cat. Factors like the age of the cat, its emotion, and other various things. 

For easier reading, I have listed them below.

Angry grey cat

When you see an angry grey cat, it signifies you or someone else’s feminine emotional state. It could be your spouse is feeling angry. 

It signifies your emotional state as well, for example, if a man is being too aggressive with his approach to life. What we do know is that there are two polarities – the masculine and the feminine.

There needs to be a balance between them, so in this case, a softer approach is advisable. 

Grey Cat Color Variation Meanings

Light grey

Light grey cats show us that we need to read between the lines. If we notice them in a dream it is in the early stages, but in real life, it is closer to home than we realize.

If we have something pending in our life that we must make a definitive decision about, a grey cat sighting indicates that it is time to take action.

A light grey cat sighting in a real-life situation symbolizes the need to look deeper than the surface to decide on the best path.

It shows us that we are aware and awake spiritually enough to decide the path at our leisure with no immediate rush.

Dark grey

Sighting a dark gray cat in RL or dreaming of one tells us we have been missing the signs and to take immediate action on pending issues.

This dark gray almost charcoal-looking cat is presenting itself in the most lucid cycle of our dreams so when we wake up we remember the message.

If we keep ignoring the message of time, we will make mistakes, head warnings of our superconsciousness, or fall prey to the wrong path.


British blue cats are so gorgeous. These amazing cats are in a league of their own.

If you dream of a blue cat, the symbolism is telling you a story of calm and wisdom.

Not much more I can tell you about that, other than apply those themes to whatever it is that worries you.


I had a lilac Burmese cat once.

Her name was Sy. I was told her name through a spiritual guide I used to have.

Sy and I shared a telepathic connection. She got spooked once in a big way just after I had to move her.

After 4 days of searching, stressing, and hardly sleeping I was exhausted and went into a deep sleep.

She came into my dreams and showed me where she was. We connected constantly as soon as I woke up.

I followed her clues and called her name, mow! mow! mow! up high in a tree,  there she was, trying also to find me.

Dreaming of a very light grey almost silver short-haired cat relates to higher connection and understanding to the other dimensions.

You don’t need a cat called Sy to connect to this energy.

Grey/Blue Cat Spiritual Meaning

The grey cat’s spiritual meaning is mostly about spiritual maturity.

We know that grey in relation to hair is also a sign of maturity, it is no coincidence that many gurus have grey hair.

Not only does it indicate a sign of maturity, but it’s a sign of spiritual elevation, spiritual wisdom, and spiritual mastery.

As mentioned above the grey cat is a symbol of an evolved old soul, but how can you relate it back to you?

Maybe you are an old soul incarnate, and seeing a grey cat is a reminder of who you are.

On the other hand, you can work out that it may serve as a reminder to stay centered on the path you know is right and just.

Not everyone knows what they are supposed to do, we are after all in a constant state of spiritual evolution.

The universe has a nagging way of guiding us along, and seeing a grey cat is one of those ways.


What Does a Gray Cat Mean Spiritually?

In spiritual contexts, gray cats are often seen as symbols of mystery and ambiguity. Their color, a blend of black and white, can represent the balance between light and darkness, good and evil, or the known and unknown. This duality often makes them subjects of fascination and intrigue in various spiritual and cultural beliefs.

What Do Grey Cats Symbolize?

Grey cats symbolize a range of things depending on the cultural context. In some traditions, they are considered harbingers of good luck and fortune, while in others, they might be seen as omens of change or transformation. Their enigmatic presence is often associated with intuition, inner strength, and a connection with the mystical or spiritual realm.

What Does It Mean When a Grey Cat Comes to Your House?

When a grey cat comes to your house, it can be interpreted in various ways. In folklore, a grey cat entering your home might be seen as a sign of upcoming prosperity or as a protective spirit guarding the household against negative energies. In modern interpretations, it could simply be seen as a stray seeking shelter, but those who believe in omens might view it as a signal of new beginnings or hidden truths coming to light.

What Does It Mean When a Grey Cat Follows You?

If a grey cat follows you, it could be interpreted as a significant spiritual or symbolic event. Some might see it as a sign that you are in need of guidance or companionship. In spiritual beliefs, it could indicate that the cat is a guardian or a guide, helping to lead you through a phase of personal growth or spiritual awakening. On a more practical level, it might also mean that the cat is simply curious or looking for food and affection.