Cat symbolism is very diverse. Along with dogs, cats have accompanied humans through life for many generations, and each type of cat has its own symbolism associated with it.

In fact, cats are one of the only animals whose symbolism is tied closely to the colour of their fur.

The grey cat is one of the most important ones.

So let’s run down the symbolic meanings of the grey cat and the ways in which the grey cat can impact the way you live your life.

Good Fortune

In many eastern cultures, the grey cat is seen as a symbol of good fortune.

There are even marriage ceremonies that include the presenting of a grey cat to the newly-weds as a way to bring them good fortune and a long life together.

Cats, in general, are seen as good luck, but the grey cat has been considered particularly lucky across many cultures and throughout history.


They also symbolise the mystery of life and the uncertainty of our experience of it. This is a common theme of the colour grey and is where we get the idea of “grey areas” to mean areas in which we are uncertain.

The grey cat embraces this mystery and uncertainty and thrives in it, understanding that perspective is everything and we must often rely on our intuition.


The grey cat also symbolises guidance from the spiritual realm.

When we think of spirits, we think of them as silver or grey, and this is no accident. The grey cat embodies the spiritual realm and represents the way it guides us all through our lives.

For this reason, the grey cat makes an excellent spirit animal or totem.

A pet grey cat will often subtly guide its owner towards the spiritual needs they might be neglecting, helping to provide spiritual growth.


The grey cat has a particular tendency towards temperance, symbolising the need for peace and stability in our lives.

This helps to calm us when we are angry, pick us up when we are down and remind us of the need to stop and consider before we act.


They also remind us of the importance of silence.

We all need time to contemplate the world around us quietly, and the grey cat symbolises the value of shutting out the noise of the world.

This plays into the spiritual side of the grey cat as it is through valuing this temporary isolation that we find the true value in meditation and contemplation.

Old Souls

Finally, the grey cat has become a symbol of the old soul. Some traditions believe that the grey cat is a reincarnation of some of the oldest souls in the universe.

Perhaps we can think of them as “grandfather cats”.

They indeed have plenty of wisdom to offer, and it is through considering the symbolism of the grey cat that we can achieve balance, wisdom and spiritual growth that allows us to live full, happy lives.