There’s no denying that cats have a special place in our hearts, but did you know that the cat is the only animal whose fur colour is attached to its metaphysical meaning?

The grey tiger cat has grey fur in a tabby pattern, often with the distinctive “M” pattern on its forehead. It is also known as a grey tabby cat.

If you have a grey tiger cat as a pet or spirit animal totem, then we have some metaphysical meanings for you to have a look at.

Grey Tiger-Cats Represent Patience And Drive

Grey tiger cats are rational, calculating souls that represent the need to remain driven in a world that requires you to be patient. They often impart this virtue on their owners.

Often quiet, solitary souls, the grey tiger cat might move less than its more active cousins, but that doesn’t mean it is any less focused or alert. In fact, grey tiger cats are among the most intelligent, thoughtful and forward-thinking of all cats.

At the core of the grey tiger cat’s lifestyle is the idea of thinking before acting. “Let it stew for a while” is a cliché that fits this principle.

We can all too often be pushed into action by events or decisions that seem to require immediate attention. Jumping into action is a reasonable response, we all have that urge (when there is a problem) to find a quick, easy and attainable solution as quickly as possible.

That is good for high-pressure situations, such as the life and death situations our ancestors often found themselves in.

But it is not good for us in this day and age. The modern world is complex and what’s written on the label might not be found in the can, so acting quickly too often forces us into acting before knowing all of the information.

Doing this is usually a bad move.

Your grey tiger cat, if you have one, might be found on a high shelf or on a fence while you are being overloaded with pressures to make decisions and take actions. Take a second and connect with the grey tiger cat.

You will notice that they don’t seem worried. In fact, they appear to be on top of every situation put in front of them. Fair enough, cat decisions are rarely as impactful, but to them, they are every bit as important as the decisions you make are to you.

Take a leaf out of the grey tiger cat handbook and take whatever decision you are fretting about and put it aside. When the heat of stress has gone, pick it up again and think coldly and with calculation. The right decision is inside of your mind; you just have to tease it out.

Spirit Animal Totem: Grey Tiger Cat

Having the grey tiger cat as your spirit animal protects you from rash decision making and helps you to bring more rationality and patience into the process.

With an emphasis on cold calculation and patient rationality, the power you draw from your totem helps you to apply the power of your rational mind to the challenges you face on a daily basis

The grey tiger cat totem also equips you with the tools you need to regulate stress and keep the anxieties of the modern world from rushing you to action before proper thought.

The grey tiger cat totem is a favourite of scholars and gurus.