Grounding And It’s Benefits

Grounding is not just a spiritual practice, it should be something you also do for the benefit of your health.

The thing you may not understand is that the Earth vibrates on the same frequency as the human body.

The heart beats in time to the pulses of the Earth, therefore our connection to the Earth is important.

For centuries humans walked barefoot upon the earth and suffered far less medical conditions to modern man.

The invention of all kinds of footwear with rubber soles insulated us from that contact and nowadays people can go weeks or months at a time without that essential contact with the Earth.

Modern children are even more disconnected than at any time in history, and even modern science is discovering the benefit of grounding as health disease prevention.

We forget that we as humans are a collection of electrical impulses and all electrical appliances have to be Earthed if we are not to get an electrical shock by touching them, they have to be able to discharge some of their energy.

We are surrounded by Negative and positive electrons , the Earth, the atmosphere, everything contains these, and as humans to retain a body balance we too have to discharge regularly.

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Even just moving your body is done through your brain sending an electrical impulse to the nerves in your body making it carry out the action.

Everybody should find the time to Ground themselves for at least 10 minutes a day, to balance your body and renew your connection to the Earth.
If you suffer from pain, discomfort, anxiety, sleeplessness, PMS, or stress, just 10 minutes a day can improve all these side effects of modern day living.

If you have hyperactive children you should also teach them to ground themselves.

If you can do either of the following for just 10 minutes a day will bring your body back to balance very quickly and you will notice the effects.

1. Just bare your feet and walk barefooted on the Earth for at least 10 minutes every day.

Breath deeply and positively absorbing the Earths energy.

For those who are in winter time at the moment and walking on the Earth is impossible,then you can also use the following to re connect you with the Earth.

2. Find 5 things you can see, then contemplate them for a few minutes, 4 things you can touch,so go and contemplate them as you touch them.

Find 3 things you can hear, so contemplate them by listening to each of them.

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2 things you can smell, and as you smell them, contemplate them.

Then finnish with 1 thing you can taste, enjoy the taste feel connected to it.

By doing this you rejuvenate all your basic senses.

Obviously, the first action is the best for completely grounding yourself, and if you can combine the 2 actions then all the better.

The 2nd action is great for just lowering your anxiety and stress, and bringing you back to centre.

Do not think that grounding is just some esoteric action used in spiritual practice, it is also essential for your health.

We are one with the Earth and should maintain that essential contact.

Try it, and see the difference.

By: Chris Claxton 30/1/2019  You can find Chris by clicking this facebook link.

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