Hadarians are a rare group of souls who were born on planet Hadar, the so-called “homeworld” for the Hadarians.

However, on Earth, many of these souls had to deal with many trials and tribulations because they are different than most humans.

This article discusses some of the characteristics that you may notice if you are lucky enough to meet a Hadarian.

It could be that you feel the pull of the night sky when you are outside?

Could you be one? Let’s find out.

Where Do Hadarians Come From?

Alpha Centauri is the second brightest star located in the constellation Centaurus, the Beta Centauri is home to the Hadarian souls.

According to britannica.com on the top ten list of stars brightest to the dimmest, Alpha Centauri is 390 light-years from Earth and comes in at number 10.

Beta Centauri is a triple star system, the brightest two stars are called Hadar and Agena. Wikipedia

Hadarians come from planet Hadar in the system of three stars. We actually don’t know if their home planet is called Hadar as there is no official confirmation.

The name apparently derives from an Arabic word for ground, probably in reference to the star’s closeness to the horizon as seen from low latitudes.

Source: https://earthsky.org/brightest-stars/beta-centauri-hadar-southern-pointer-star/

If you live in the southern hemisphere then this star is quite prominent with a blueish haze.

Indigenous People

To the Ngarrindjeri people in Australia, alpha and beta were seen as two sharks pursuing a stingray.

The Polynesians of the south pacific used the stars as guideposts to navigate the oceans.

In Peru, Alpha and Beta Centauri are the giant llama’s eyes. In Africa, they’re named for two men who once were lions.

What Do Hadarians Look Like?

You might be wondering what do hadarians look like?

Hadarians are said to be humans with a hadarian soul. Hadarain starseeds can have many different physical features, and this will depend on the region of the world they were born in as well as some other factors which can’t be explained.

In general, hadaries tend to not have any hair or very little hair, they also have more elongated heads and are usually lighter in skin color.

One of the most popular Hadarian physical traits is the hadarain Starseed’s eyes which may be different colors for each eye.

No one really knows what hadarians look like physically in their original form. The only clues we have are from the hadarians that are here on earth.

We also know that our soul goes through many imprints of physical lives and sometimes there are clues to our last one in the form of physical similarities.

Hadarian Traits

Here are some of the traits of a Hadarian.

  • They often have a deep connection to nature.
  • It is not uncommon for them to be more in touch with their intuition and emotions than others.
  • If they are awoken, it can take a while for them to feel like themselves as they go through an adjustment period.

The Hadarians are the rarest of all the Starseed types. These souls are born with an innate understanding and ability to use energy from other dimensions in a way that is not possible for any other type.

This makes them powerful healers, but also very sensitive people who need protection.

Hadarian Traits List

Here are some of the traits these Starseeds have.

  • They love to heal people
  • They love to explore
  • They are quite confident in their ability
  • Many of these Starseeds are empaths
  • They are very creative
  • They have a good sense of humor
  • Can be spontaneous
  • Adventurous
  • Sometimes can be impatient
  • Don’t like being pushed to their limit

Hadarian Energy

Hadarians typically possess the gift of unconditional love because their home planet was full of this divine gift.

However, if you are in the Hadarian soul group, chances are that you want to receive as much unconditional love back as possible and not just give it.

Which can lead to feelings like guilt, and drama in your life.

There are some Hadarians who have become so sensitive they cannot handle any negativity in their environment because it is too overwhelming for them to process or deflect.

It takes a lot of effort for the people around them to maintain an atmosphere that feels safe enough for these individuals to exist and function.

How To Heal And Ground

To help Hadarians feel more grounded, it is beneficial for them to spend time in nature and around animals which gives off the energy of unconditional love.

Being near these sources can help alleviate some of their sensitivity while at the same time uplift and heal their spirit.

Therefore it’s necessary that you find a good balance between projecting the energy of unconditional love and accepting it as well.

Hadarian Gifts

Hadarians come into this world with many gifts, here are some of them:

  • They possess a natural ability to see the best in others and themselves. Therefore, they are able to help others by accepting them unconditionally.
  • Hadarians have an innate sense of forgiveness which comes from their understanding that we are all imperfect beings
  • Hadarians often have a natural talent for art, music, and healing. They are highly creative and sensitive individuals who love beauty, harmony, and balance in life.
  • The ultimate goal of the Hadarain is to be able to accept unconditional love from others while being okay with giving it back as well. They are able to heal the earth with their energy and help others to do the same.
  • Hadarians are often drawn to spirituality including yoga, meditation, and even religion.
  • They have a natural ability to give love without expecting anything in return which makes them incredible partners, friends, or family members.

Another ability hadarians possess is that they can help the earth heal with their gifts of healing and energy, as well as helping others to heal themselves by giving them, unconditional love.

Hadarain are gifted at understanding how people work so they can best fit into relationships (both personal and professional).

Hadarians Are Good At Understanding Relationships

Why are Hadarians good at understanding relationships?

Because they understand how love works or how a connection between two people work. Where hadarians come from, love and mainly unconditional love is an art form.

They know that how our consciousness knows how to give and receive unconditional love, but our ego or our mind doesn’t know how to give and receive this type of love.

They understand the phrase “I am willing but I can’t,” which means most of us are available for something, but our minds won’t allow it because our ego says that’s not supposed to happen.

For example, in a relationship, or friendships, we say things that are sometimes the complete opposite of what we mean to say.

Hadarian Challenges

Challenge 1

As a Hadarian, you will always feel desperate when it comes to love. It is typical for you to be drawn in and involved with people who are abusive or who drain your energy.

To overcome this, you should create boundaries.

Be mindful of your energy levels and how much love you are putting out into the world. This will help ensure that it’s reciprocated back to you.

Don’t waste time on people who don’t care for you or love you in return.

Challenge 2

In relationships with other Hadarians sometimes they can be a little too giving which could lead to an imbalance between partners (but still better than being taken advantage of by another starseed).

To balance each other out, talk about it openly and come up with ways where both parties feel satisfied rather than one sacrificing themselves for the sake of their partner all the time.

Include some space in your relationship so that there is more room for creativity and growth.

Challenge 3

You may have unrealistic expectations of love from others, which can lead to anger and abuse.

To combat your craving for love, find ways to interact with people in different settings. See how they act in these new environments and don’t take offense if the amount of affection they give is less or even non-existent.

Hadarian Soul and Spiritual Mission

Hadarians are starseeds of love.

Your planet, Hadar, was full of unconditional love and you are returning that love here to Earth: a planet of duality, condition, and separation.

How can I give more love to this planet?

The only way to help this planet is to work on the challenges listed above. In order to give love, you have to understand it first. There are times when you give too much love and expect the same in return.

Although Hadarans would reciprocate your love on their planet, on Earth you have to take the time to understand people better.

You should not be upset with people and play the victim mentality, however, when you do overcome this challenge, you will be able to persevere and live your life with love, energy, and faith.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do Starseeds come from?

A: Starseeds come from many planets and stars system. If you are not a Hadarian why not find your answer from other articles we have on different starseeds?

Q: How many human beings on Earth are Starseeds?

A: There are plenty, although some people don’t remember their lives on other planets because they spent many past lives on Earth.

Q: When in Earth’s history did Starseeds first show up?

A: Back when Isis was said to be in Egypt. Isis was mentioned often in the Pyramid Txt inscriptions (c. 2350–c. 2100 bce)

Q: Why did Starseeds come to Earth?

A: They came to lead different groups of people and all aspects of human evolution. Don’t forget Earth is the only planet we know of in our solar system that has an environment of a physical 3D reality.