Venusian starseeds have a few traits that set them apart from others. Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of beauty, love, and motherhood.

Hahtors just like the other starseeds are here to help us with our transition from a third-dimensional world to the fifth so we can ascend and become galactic beings.

Hathors are here with the same mission as other starseeds, but they have different traits that coincide with their planet of origin.

For instance, Hathors radiate unconditional love which is also one of their most important qualities.

In this article, we will explore Hathor’s traits or Venusians in general.

Who Are the Hathors

In ancient Egyptian religion, Hathor was a sky goddess, a goddess of women and love. The worship of Hathor dates back to the early dynastic period (3rd-millennium BCE).

Hathor was also seen as a protector of women and children, so Venusians are often very loving and nurturing people who care deeply about their loved ones.

In addition to being kindhearted, they are also creative thinkers with an abundance of ideas which can sometimes lead to scattered thoughts or lack of focus at times.

Hathors have a deep connection to music and art, it can be very challenging for them when they are in an environment where there is not much of either present because their energy feeds off that creativity.

Hathor Means Love

The word also means love or unconditional love. Hathors are very loving and nurturing. They love people, animals, nature—all life forms on the planet.

Hathor starseeds may find themselves helping others than they do taking care of their own needs in this incarnation.

This is because it’s not until later that Hathors stabilize enough so they can tune into their own energy.

Hathors are on a mission to help and heal the planet and humanity as we make our way through this new cycle of time called Ascension, which is why they’re on Earth at this time.

They may not always be able to do things for themselves because they feel like it would take away from being able to help others.

Venusian Starseed Origin

It is believed that Venusians came from another universe through a portal via Sirius.

From Sirius, they came to our solar system and the etheric realm of Venus and there they evolved for a long time.

“We originally migrated from another universe via Sirius, a portal to your Universe, and from there we went to your solar system and the Venusian etheric realms.”

Venusian Starseed Appearance

It is believed Venusian starseeds are androgynous beings and are both energetically and physically balanced.

These starseeds are believed to be extremely empathic and able to feel the emotions of others.

Hathors also have very vivid dreams which can lead them astray in early adulthood if they do not learn how to decipher their own personal symbolism.

Physically they are tall and slim with an oval-shaped head.

The eyes of Venusians appear larger than average and can be of various colors, most commonly they are blue or green.

Venusians typically have blond hair but it is common for them to have other colors as well.

Venusian (Hathor) Starseed Traits

If you are wondering if you are a Venusian starseed then you may have the following traits:

  • Gentle and love to help others
  • Have a strong connection with nature, plants, and animals
  • Love beauty in all forms; art, music, etc.
  • Interested in metaphysics and spirituality
  • Have a strong connection with the heart, mind, and spirit.
  • Be very intuitive and know things without knowing.
  • Have an intense dream life.
  • Experience frequent deja vu or a sense of familiarity with certain places.
  • Tall and slender.
  • Have an appreciation for exotic things and places
  • Very beautiful and sensual.
  • May have a hard time committing to one partner.
  • Drawn to ancient Egypt and may have an interest in hieroglyphs.
  • Love music and dance. Interested in the arts and beauty.

If you feel like these fit your personality then there is a good chance you are Venusian starseed.

Are Venusians the same as Hathors?

There is a lot of debate on whether Venusians and Hathor are one in the same or separate entities with similar interests.

It seems that they may be different but will have many similarities if not most of them.

Venusians share all traits listed above while Hathor share most of them.

Venusians and Hathors also seem to share the same perspective on life, love, and death; they can be very gentle but strong-willed as well.

Venusian Starseed Gifts

The Venusian’s gift to humanity is unconditional love, and they believe in the power of love to transform a person’s life.

Venusian starseeds are highly attuned to beauty and their surroundings, especially in nature. They can sense even slight changes around them.

Venusians have an innate understanding of how energy works and they understand that everything is interconnected.

Venusians also seem more sensitive than most people when it comes to people’s energy and they can distinguish between different energies.

Venusians are highly intuitive, which means that they have a developed sixth sense to perceive things beyond the five senses.

As Venusian starseeds incarnate into this world during these crucial times in history, it is their mission to bring peace through unconditional love back onto Earth.

“We come into this plane with unconditional love, and that is the message we bring. If you just open your heart and love unconditionally without expecting anything back, then this will heal all wounds.”

Venusian Starseed Mission

Venusians believe they are not here to save planet earth and they are not messianic.

They simply want to step out of that projection.

Venusian souls are here to help us with our inner healing and not the outer.

Venusians want to heal the feminine principle on planet earth, which is why they often find themselves in arts or surrounded by beauty; Venusians also love music and loving relationships.

They will use their creative talents for helping others rather than serving personal desires.

They simply want to be a brother or sister to us, Venusians are here to help the human race instead of being a savior.

They can be really helpful in helping others with love and patience as well as healing relationships because they do not see boundaries between people.

Therefore they tend to be very caring individuals who often sacrifice their own needs for those around them.

They can be very passionate and loving individuals who will fight for what they believe.

They are not here to change anyone or their beliefs, they are not here to change the world, they are here to change their inner self.

What are the Challenges Venusian starseeds face?

There are many challenges Venusian starseeds face; Venusians can often struggle with their own feelings and emotions.

Since Venusians are here to heal the feminine principle on planet earth, they will experience a lot of guilt, shame, or anger around relationships and need to learn how to set boundaries in order not to allow other people to take advantage of them.

Venusians tend to be very sensitive individuals who are easily hurt and can struggle with their own feelings of unworthiness.

They also need to learn how to speak up for themselves, Venusians often have a hard time standing up for themselves or speaking their mind because they would rather avoid conflict at all costs.

Venusian starseeds tend to have a hard time grounding themselves or staying present in the moment because their mind is often constantly wandering.

They also tend to be very picky about food, Venusians are more sensitive than they appear and might suffer from digestive issues as well as allergies.

Venusian starseeds may experience heightened senses especially hearing sounds that other people cannot hear.

Venusian starseeds can also experience dyslexia or learning disabilities, Venusians are very intelligent individuals but they tend to learn in a different way than most people.


If you are a Venusian starseed then you are here on Earth to help raise the vibration of love, harmony, and beauty.

Venusians have a divine connection with nature which is why they tend to be drawn towards careers in green energy.

Venusian starseeds are also one-of-a-kind beauties that everyone admires because their unique personalities radiate from within!