To connect with someone mentally means to have a shared perspective of the world, to feel as though the other person thinks at the same level as yours.

This sort of connection transcends the physical limitations of the human body.

When your mind connects with that of another individual, you share a bond that connects the two of you through an entirely different dimension.

This kind of connection cannot be justified through materialistic means; instead, it is comprised of something entirely different.

How to Know if You Have a Soul Connection With Someone:

Have you ever felt like you have a deep connection with someone? Like someone understands you more than anyone else you’ve ever met before?

Whenever you’re in their presence, or even if you’re just thinking about them, you feel this unexplainable energy that gravitates you towards them.

They have an aura that takes you to another realm. It’s almost like a form of escapism. And you feel like you’re someplace else when you’re with them as if you’re out of this world.

They compel you to move like nothing you’ve ever known. In such cases, it is possible that you’ve developed a soul connection with them.

You can develop this pure and otherworldly connection with anyone. Its nature isn’t always romantic. Sometimes, our pets get so close to us that we can communicate with them through telepathy.

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We know when they are going through troubling times, and want us to intervene in their lives, and heal them. Similarly, some people share a soul connection with their siblings.

Despite harrowing circumstances, they trust in each other, and rely on each other, for almost everything. Universal Source has truly gifted people whose souls are tied.

Soul Mate Connection Symptoms:

There are several significant changes that you can sense when you’ve developed a soul connection with someone:

Powerful attraction:

You will feel as if a hidden force pulls you towards them. And that force would be undeniably strong and hard to ignore. You will feel compelled to be around them.

And you’ll be attracted to not just their bodies, but their personalities too. In their absence, you will feel as if your entire world has collapsed. You will be unable to accomplish the simplest of life objectives.

Mutual Understanding:

Both of you will understand each other very easily, and better than anyone else does. Sometimes, you would not feel the need to use words to express what you’re feeling.

Easy Communication:

You will be able to communicate with your soul mate at ease. You will not hesitate while talking to them.

They will be willing to listen to you and understand you, and most of the time you’ll find that they share the same opinions as yours.

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Even if there are contradictory beliefs and emotions, acceptance compensates for it.

You’re willing to set-aside your egos for the sustenance of your love. When people reach this point in their relationships, they become truly enlightened.

Unceasing Interest:

You’ll find that you never get bored of being around them. Having common interests will keep you both interested in each other too since you’ll always have a subject you both like talking about.

Mental Connection Signs:

There are several signs which you may notice in case you develop a mental connection with someone.

You’ll come to know that you share the same views as the other person. Your ways of understanding the world will be similar to theirs. It would feel like both of you look at life through the same lens.

  • You will be able to understand each other well.
  • You’ll understand each other’s needs.
  • You will be able to joke around with each other, without anyone feeling hurt since you’ll know each other’s true intentions.
  • You’ll feel connected to the other person, even when you’re not physically connected.
  • You’ll sense the changes in each other’s emotions and mood.
  • You’ll feel psychic energy with them.