Having Premonitions While Awake

Precognition is the ability to see the future before it happens. It is a powerful psychic ability that only the gifted and dedicated ever experience.

However, anyone on the path to ascension and enlightenment can have access to premonitions. Almost everyone has premonitions while dreaming.


Having premonitions while awake is an entirely different matter. Know that this is a sign that your metaphysical state is shifting – unlocking hidden potential within you.

What Is A Premonition?

While precognition is what we commonly think of as “seeing the future”, with a very literal meaning, premonition is altogether less concrete.

Premonitions can range from simple gut instinct to visceral emotional experience of the event to come.

How you manifest your world around you changes depending on the emotional severity of the event. Also to be considered is the psychic ability (latent or otherwise) of the subject having the premonition.

Most premonitions happen about the same time as an act of synchronicity and an elevation of chakra energy.


This increase in vibrational energy causes a variety of symptoms that are familiar to those on the path – tingling, sudden alertness, a feeling of purpose and connection to the Universe, among others.

How Are Waking Premonitions Different To Dreams?

So many of our dreams are premonitions in disguise.

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This simple truth is the reason why so many great minds have dedicated themselves to dream research, as this is the most effective way for most of us to access our latent psychic abilities.

However, dreams are symbolic and metaphorical by nature, making analysis difficult and subjective – that is, more of an art form than a science.

Waking premonitions are not as hard to understand as one of our dreams, but lack the sensory power of precognition which inhabits our dream world.

Those who experience waking premonitions describe brief visual flashes of the future, accompanied by a strong emotional response.

Premonitions rely on this strong emotional response to provide context for the brief visual flashes.

Not everyone gets the visual flashes, but the strong emotional response is always present.

Interpreting Waking Premonitions

The key to making waking premonitions work for you is in two pieces.


First, you must trust your instincts and have faith in your judgement. These are the tools you have with you on this journey, and you must believe in them.

Then, you must not rush to action unless needed. Your first instinct is not always your best instinct, so if the situation allows it, then you should let the emotional response fade before searching your intuition for the next course of action.

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Self-reflection is essential for everyone, but it is even more critical for those whose latent psychic abilities may be developing through premonitions.

All understanding builds on the opinion you have of yourself.

Meditate on your premonitions, focus on your emotional response during and contrast to your emotional state afterwards. It is most often within this process that the intended message of your premonition is hidden.

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