All healing crystals have their energy that augments the chakra healing. Crown chakra is located at the top of the head, and the stones which help to heal this chakra are called crown chakra stones. Every stone has its own power with special vibrational energy.

You can wear these stones or keep them near in any other way. Most people prefer to wear them with the jewellery like ring, necklace, bracelet or earring. You can also select your style. Here are the crown chakra stones with their healing powers:

Crown Chakra Stones


It is the kind of gypsum that is clear. Its qualities include comprehension of spiritual guidance, spiritual communication and spiritual activation. It activates crown chakra along with the third eye. It is known as the crystal of mental clarity.

Wearing or keeping it near promotes decision making power and lessens confusion along with lifting awareness to higher planes. It removes all kinds of energy blocks. Selenite not only heals its own chakra but also augments and charges other healing stones.

Clear Quartz:

This crystalline mineral comes with the quality of better spiritual connection, balance and healing. This clarity stone improves consciousness and opens up crown chakra for you. Stimulation of nervous system leads to the amplification of psychic abilities.


This purple coloured semi precious stone is the kind of quartz. Qualities of this stone lead to contentment, protection, spirituality and tranquillity. It allows the person to understand the leading causes of disease or imbalance. It alters ego and facilitates meditation.

Also, it enhances the home ground feeling. Clarity, like other crown chakra stones, is also the property of amethyst. Wearing the stone protects against psychic attacks. It is also known as artist’s stones. It enhances artistic abilities of the person.


As the diamond is clear and precious, so are its qualities. It heightens the vibrational levels of the wearer by keeping him in the physical body. It improves vision and makes you see things clearly by purifying energy fields. It also aids meditation. You can also use it to remove emotional density of the body. It not only heals the crown chakra but also enhances the effects of other stones.


Also known as peacock rock, this brassy golden yellow stone heightens perception. It uplifts you by healing the negative impacts of disorientation or confusion. It also helps in meditation and strengthens the connection of the wearer with the universe. It exposes soul to the truth.


This bluish green mineral is known as the stone of harmony and peace. It transforms its wearer by removing negative energy and allows him to grow and prosper. It heals emotional wounds of the past and alters fear, anger and sorrow. It also helps in meditation and improves the connection to the higher self.


Charoite is a rare stone and often named as iliac stone. According to the stone wearers, it is the best dream stone present till date. It defeats fear and allows spiritual guidance. Its properties include healing, protection and purification. It purifies the mind and protects against negative feelings.