The Heart chakra is the fourth primary chakra. It is the chakra of warmth, love and compassion. If this chakra gets blocked, the person will feel loneliness, even in a crowd of people. The blockage also reduces the ability to forgive; the lack of empathy makes a person quite unlikeable.

Heart chakra stones can be used to open and balance your heart chakra. You can wear them or keep them close to get their benefit. Here are some heart chakra stones that might help you heal your heart chakra:

Heart Chakra Stones

Rose Quartz:

This pink colour semi-precious stone has the power to heal and open heart chakra. Heart chakra imbalance leads to sleep issues and physical illness. Wearing this stone helps in resolving these matters. It promotes peace and calm emotions. Negativity stays away from the person who wears this stone.


This white to green stone balances the heart chakra. It leads to physical and emotional healing of a damaged heart. It is called as dream stone because it increases creativity and dream solving abilities.

Green Calcite:

This semi-precious stone is among the easily available heart chakra stones. It stimulates and balances the heart chakra and absorbs all the negative energy. Its qualities are emotional balance, self-love and compassion. Along with transformation and healing, it also boosts physical immunity.  Wearing this stone amplifies energy gently and produces calming effects. It also reduces nightmares, stress and anxiety.

Pink Tourmaline:

Pink tourmaline is famous for being called “rubellite” as well. This beautiful semi-precious stone leads to self-love and emotional healing. It radiates feminine energies that enhance calmness, relaxation, tolerance, safety and kindness. It removes negative feelings and augments balance and control along with spiritual growth.

Green Aventurine:

This semi-precious stone has powerful yet gentle energy impacts. Its calming energy elevates spiritual as well as physical sight. It produces mental clarity that improves imagination. It aids meditation because of its calming properties. It is considered to provide good luck to its wearer and removes tension and stress of daily life.


This hydrated silicate mineral has the qualities of pure love, gentle soothing, intuition and calming effects. It brings good luck to its wearer. It produces a sense of belonging. It reduces emotional stress and alleviates tension. Overall, it enhances inner strength.


It is also known as green quartz or amagreen. It enhances energies of power, love and inner vision. Among all the heart chakra stones, it is a highly spiritual stone. Meditating with it removes all the negative energies. It elevates healing and reduces the gap between the physical and spiritual world. It strengthens mind and emotions.


This gemstone is a highly powerful balancing stone. It opens and heals heart chakra. It balances conscious mind with the unconscious. It promotes emotions of strength and courage.


Fuchsite is also called as the stone of health. It accelerates meditation and promotes emotional and physical problems. As it is the stone of heart chakra, it keeps the person lighthearted. It leads to the self-responsibility and independence.


It was formerly called “saualpite,”. It has the power to turn negative energy into positive energy. It enhances a sense of goodness and depth of happiness. Its wearer enjoys self-love, acceptance and confidence. It leads the mind towards relaxation that awakens psychic abilities.