Chakras are not always open, and their blockage is affecting you adversely. Same is the case with third eye chakra; if it is blocked or imbalanced, you could feel highly emotional with the inability to focus along with headaches. Fatigue and chronic sinus problems could also present.

Together with balanced diet and meditation, you also can take the help from the healing powers of the third eye chakra stones. But don’t forget, if you want to restore the power of chakras, it is necessary that you learn to work with energy and take the control your overall wellness.

These third eye chakra stones could help you to heal and open the third eye chakra:

Third Eye Chakra Stones


Amethyst is the purple coloured precious crystal that has potent healing properties. It is known as the “stone of the spirit”. This crystal could be used to open and balance the third eye chakra. If you wear it, it can protect from ill wishing, psychic attack and harm. Along with that, it increases the connection between lovers and helps to fight bad habits and addiction.


Moldavite is a dark green or olive colour stone that has the amazing qualities of transformation, cleansing, spiritual evolution and synchronicity. Wearing this stone strengthens your vibrational field. It is the stone of clarity and comfort.

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It augments the sense of the universe. It clears the negativity and quickly fights away doubts and worries. This stone also plays its part in enhancing dream play and meditation.

Purple Fluorite:

As the name indicates, this is the semi-precious stone having fascinating purple colour. This is the stone that leads to clarity of mind with improved decision making. It also cleanses the aura of its wearer. It absorbs negative energy along with stress. It can also be used to aid learning. It balances energy and augments physical and mental coordination.

Black Obsidian:

Obsidian is the semi-precious stone that stimulates and balances the chakra and removes all kinds of chakra blockage. It provides the power to fight all the negativities of life and boosts valour and courage.

It dispels negative emotions and energies by making you emotionally stable. It is that healing stone that also brings good luck to its wearer. As it is one of the third eye chakra stones, it also clears vision.

Indigo Kyanite:

Kyanite comes in various colour, but Indigo Kyanite serves as the powerful third eye chakra stone. It is the high vibration crystal that helps in physical and spiritual communication. It is the stone of empathy, telepathy, communication and psychic abilities. It keeps the stress level down. This stone also keeps the health balanced.

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This black colour stone is also known as ‘stone of life’. It neutralises the spiritual energy and addresses hidden emotions along with healing. It also brings light into the auric energy field of the person.

Lapis Lazuli Stone:

It is the gemstone that is valued for many reasons. It augments dream work and leads to enlightenment. It also promotes peace and serenity with increased spiritual and personal power.