In this article we discuss heart chakra pain symptoms. The heart chakra also known as the anahata is located in the chest area, the heart chakra bridges the lower and upper chakras. Its the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. The color of the heart chakra is green. It is linked with feeling compassion, love, acceptance and gratitude.

When the heart chakra is blocked or imbalanced, one can get possessive, moody, become sad or be overly critical of others and mistrust. The physical symptoms include, feeling of pain and heaviness in the heart.

Heart Chakra Pain and Imbalance

One of the heart chakra pain is connected with having a broken heart, the cause can be let down by somebody you love. Other causes include, abuse, rejection, trauma, grief and loss. These are emotionally painful experiences which leaves an imprint in the heart chakra.

Heart Chakra Pain Symptoms

When the heart chakra is blocked it can hurt on an emotional level, which can later manifest to physical illness if the heart chakra is not healed. Some of the physical heart chakra pain concerns are, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, abnormal heart rhythms, coronary artery disease, arrythmias and congenital heart disease.

Out of all the chakras, the heart chakras is fundamental to our ability to give and receive love. Emotional connection with the heart chakra include, love, anger, hate, resentment, bitterness, forgiveness, grief, loneliness, compassion, generosity, commitment, gratitude, trust, loyalty and the ability to follow your heart. Some of experience which may affect the heart chakra include, death of a loved one, rejection, divorce, adultery, injustice, abandonment and emotional abuse.

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Healing Chakra Pain And Imbalance

Pretty much the heart chakra is our ability to give out and receive love, since love is the foundation and source of healing. There are three main sources of love, the love that comes from within us, the love from divine source and from others. All the love received from these sources are felt within the heart chakra and they have a big healing effect. Forgiving and loving yourself and others is the key element to releasing blockages of the heart chakra, holding onto past problems only hurts you most. Finding the lesson in a painful situation and then releasing it has a great healing effects.

The key to heart chakra healing is to practice self love. The best way to achieve this is to tune into your spiritual self or your soul and then radiating that love to the physical part of yourself. Send gratitude and love towards what you enjoy regarding yourself and also send compassion and forgiveness towards your mistakes. Slowly you will build a powerful core of self love which start flowing from your heart chakra, keeping it balanced.

Another tip to heal your heart chakra or any chakra is to get treatment for chakra balancing. To heal is to work with energy at the levels of divine love or universal energies, this energy heals and balances chakras.

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Here is a Heart Chakra Pain Health Plan

Practice self love.

Have a regular meditation plan and appreciate your spiritual self, give out love, compassion, appreciation and forgiveness to your human self. Use visualization to express your heart chakra as a beautiful, vibrant green orb which is glowing with so much unconditional love, visualize your past hurt and blockages dissolving and healing.

Carry a gratitude journal.

When you are done with your day write down five things you were very grateful for; so when you wake up the next morning, read what you wrote down. Breath and visualize that feeling in and out of your heart chakra when you begin your day.

Always practice kindness.

Try to instill the habit to send unconditional love and good desires to yourself and others. The Metta explains this in a great way.

Preserve Balance.

To keep your chakras balanced, get a treatment from a qualified energy healer.