Located in the central region of your breastplate, the same level as your heart is your heart chakra. Your heart chakra is essentially a collection of all your feelings of love, empathy and compassion.

To understand what a heart chakra is, you have to realise that the world of spirituality and meditation is based on explaining the processes which were once considered unnatural.

However, for every sceptic there is a believer. Hence, understanding what a heart chakra is and what service it provides is necessary especially when you’ve cancelled out every other means of finding serenity.

Meditation is an old form of acquiring peace and tranquillity. It’s quite often only through proper meditation that even the most restless of souls calm down.

The heart chakra is linked to a Hindu form of meditation. It essentially encloses feelings of love. Practically, we’re all unique in our ability to be empathetic towards a particular situation.

Some feel emotions on a deeper level than others.

These feelings are deeply rooted in your heart chakra. Unleashing these feelings is described as unleashing the energies from within your heart.

Once you trigger them, you transform into someone with varying levels of empathy. Balancing your heart chakra is essential.

Neither being too compassionate nor being too isolated is good. Balancing your heart chakra means balancing it with other energies. An imbalance can be disastrous.

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Heart chakra imbalances

An imbalance is of two types – an overflow or an underflow. Either way, it sets you off from your spiritual equilibrium and brings about significant changes in your personality.

An excessive flow of heart chakra energies can give rise to a clingy personality. Whereas an underflow can cause a tendency to isolate yourself from everyone.

Your heart chakra doesn’t cause just imbalance overnight. There are specific ways through which this happens.

For example; you might have suffered a loss or had a new addition to your life. What’s important to understand is the fact that any new experience has to be related to the relationships in your life for it to affect your heart chakra.

Symptoms of overflow

During an overflow in the heart chakra, you might become excessively clingy or mawkish. They begin to get overly affectionate and cross into other people’s personal space.

They ignore boundaries. This can suffocate and irritate the other person. He or she wouldn’t want this splurge of affection coming from your side.

The other person will try to distance themselves within a comfortable limit, and you’ll just chase after them. Eventually, they abandon you completely because it becomes too much for them.

Symptoms of underflow

In this case, you begin to distance yourself entirely from others. You might have suffered a traumatic loss and decided to numb yourself from feeling anything.

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This is your way of coping. You find that there’s nothing wrong with just abandoning everyone. Furthermore, you begin to display mean tendencies.

Like, you are prone to getting enraged over the slightest issue and want no comfort whatsoever.