Heart Shaped Birthmark Meaning – Strong Love Connections

Birthmarks are one of those things that almost everybody seems to have. But did you know that the shape of your birthmark can hold special, metaphysical meaning?

Heart shaped birthmarks tell us much about our past, our present and, crucially, our future.

So if you or someone you know has a heart-shaped birthmark, these are the most important meanings that people with birthmarks need to know about.

A Life Brimming With Love

Having a heart-shaped birthmark means that you will live a life brimming with love.

You have a lot of love to give and this brings out the best in others, allowing you to build a strong circle of friends and family around you. Your loved ones are the most important things in the world to you.

But a heart-shaped birthmark also means that you love harder than most, which often leads to heartbreak.

People who have a heart-shaped birthmark take their strength from their heart and from their vitality.

Staying emotionally and physically strong are linked, and regular exercise can help you at times when you are unlucky in love, or otherwise feeling down.

Twin Flames, Soulmates & Heart Shaped Birthmarks

Birthmarks are excellent sources of synchronicity, so it should be no surprise that we can find the concept of twin flames using this outlet.

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Indeed, people with heart-shaped birthmarks are said to have incarnated with the intention to locate and ascend with their twin flame.

Often these birthmarks are signals of your soul’s commitment to reuniting with its true partner.

People who have experienced this talk about their birthmark coming up with every soulmate leading up to their twin flame, always with a strange coincidence that only with hindsight could be seen as synchronicity.

For this reason, some people believe that heart-shaped birthmarks help twin flames to find each other more easily – like a metaphysical GPS!

Past Lives: Heartbreak & Heart Attacks

It is well established in many cultures across the globe that birthmarks can show the significant events or causes of death in your past lives.

There have been instances of people born with battle wounds, neck scars and other grisly birthmarks that many believe were remnants of the end of their previous life.

Having a heart-shaped birthmark might mean that you had heart problems of some sort at the end of your previous life.

There may even be a link with heart problems running in the family, as many heart-shaped birthmarks also run in families.

But the meaning might be more metaphorical than that. It could be that in your previous life you suffered greatly from heartache and heartbreak.

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The last you might even have died of a broken heart, leaving the scar of heartbreak on your soul.

We all have remnants of our past lives intruding on our present one.

They manifest in our flaws, our neuroses and our traumas. The process of life is dealing with those old wounds.

Your heart shaped birthmark is a message from the ages, reminding you of one thing for sure:

Nothing is more important than love.

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