Birthmarks are one of those things that almost everybody seems to have. But did you know that the shape of your birthmark can hold special, metaphysical meaning?

Heart-shaped birthmarks tell us much about our past, our present, and, crucially, our future.

So if you or someone you know has a heart-shaped birthmark, these are the most important meanings that people with birthmarks need to know about.

A Life Brimming With Love

Having a heart-shaped birthmark means that you will live a life brimming with love.

You have a lot of love to give and this brings out the best in others, allowing you to build a strong circle of friends and family around you. Your loved ones are the most important things in the world to you.

But a heart-shaped birthmark also means that you love harder than most, which often leads to heartbreak.

People who have a heart-shaped birthmark take their strength from their heart and from their vitality.

Staying emotionally and physically strong are linked, and regular exercise can help you at times when you are unlucky in love, or otherwise feeling down.

Twin Flames, Soulmates & Heart Shaped Birthmarks

Birthmarks are excellent sources of synchronicity, so it should be no surprise that we can find the concept of twin flames using this outlet.

Indeed, people with heart-shaped birthmarks are said to have incarnated with the intention to locate and ascend with their twin flame.

Often these birthmarks are signals of your soul’s commitment to reuniting with its true partner.

People who have experienced this talk about their birthmark coming up with every soulmate leading up to their twin flame, always with a strange coincidence that only with hindsight could be seen as synchronicity.

For this reason, some people believe that heart-shaped birthmarks help twin flames to find each other more easily – like a metaphysical GPS!

Past Lives: Heartbreak & Heart Attacks

It is well established in many cultures across the globe that birthmarks can show the significant events or causes of death in your past lives.

There have been instances of people born with battle wounds, neck scars, and other grisly birthmarks that many believe were remnants of the end of their previous life.

Having a heart-shaped birthmark might mean that you had heart problems of some sort at the end of your previous life.

There may even be a link with heart problems running in the family, as many heart-shaped birthmarks also run in families.

But the meaning might be more metaphorical than that. It could be that in your previous life you suffered greatly from heartache and heartbreak.

The last you might even have died of a broken heart, leaving the scar of heartbreak on your soul.

We all have remnants of our past lives intruding on our present ones.

They manifest in our flaws, our neuroses, and our traumas. The process of life is dealing with those old wounds.

Your heart-shaped birthmark is a message from the ages, reminding you of one thing for sure:

Nothing is more important than love.

Heart-shaped birthmark on the arm meaning

When you have a heart-shaped birthmark on the arm, it’s like a ‘shield’ that symbolizes your ability to be loving and giving, but the inside of you has a lot of pain, which has been caused by others who may not have loved or cared for you in the way that you needed.

These people are no longer on your life path.

If this is a very large heart-shaped mark, then you could be expressing your love for others more than yourself.

You may do things to help other people without expecting anything in return because it makes you feel good and gives you a sense of satisfaction in what you have done, but if this is not balanced then the heart-shaped birthmark on the arm can mean that your own health and well-being will suffer.

This is often because you don’t feel that you are getting enough appreciation or admiration in return for what you do, but it’s important that this isn’t allowed to get out of balance so much that you neglect your own needs.

In order for the heart-shaped birthmark on the arm to be a good influence in your life, it’s important that you express yourself and have an outlet for all of the love that you feel.

You should spend time doing things that make you feel good, whether this is by spending time with those who love and appreciate you or do activities that give you pleasure such as golf, reading, or cooking.

When this is the case, the heart-shaped birthmark on your arm will be very positive and bring you much happiness.

But if this isn’t allowed to happen then it can make you feel very isolated and unhappy, which would be a tragedy because there is so much love to give within you!

You need people around you who can love, support, and respect you in the way that you deserve to be treated.

Heart-shaped birthmark on the chest meaning

When you have a heart-shaped birthmark on your chest, then it’s connected to your heart chakra. Your heart chakra is the center of love and compassion.

A heart-shaped birthmark usually means that you have a very strong psychic heart connection. Your compassion is behind any kind of healing energy.

This means, through touching and hugging other people you can do them tremendous good, mentally/psychically speaking.

Also, your body might be more sensitive than others in reaction to the energies of other people, e.g. negativity.

This is why your heart-shaped birthmark may also tell you that you feel negative energy very easily if a place or environment is draining for some reason.

The positive aspect of this energy is that you’re able to transmit positive energies to others as well, through hugging or touching.

When you understand the language of bodies, then your heart-shaped birthmark simply alerts you that it’s time to open your heart more and be more compassionate towards others and yourself.

The fact is that life itself can sometimes drain us mentally/emotionally, or even physically.

Also, remember that if you avoid being compassionate towards yourself this will go in the opposite direction of your potential healing powers.

It may drain you instead of giving out good energy through hugging and touch.

This is why self-love and self-compassion are just as important as the compassion we show to others.

But when you balance out your own energy with love and compassion, then your heart chakra stays open and strong to serve others with love, which is its true purpose in life.

Heart-shaped birthmark on the neck meaning

When you have a heart-shaped birthmark on your neck, then it’s connected to your throat chakra, which is connected to your ability to speak and to communicate with others.

It means you are able to verbally communicate your love and compassion for others, and you are able to spread this love verbally.

However, even though you have this ability to speak, you often find yourself keeping it inside of yourself rather than saying the words out loud.

If a person with a heart-shaped birthmark on their neck has not developed their speaking abilities then they might have a blockage on their throat chakra.

If this is the case, then they might speak in a way that doesn’t project their voice outwards and they might also be shy about what they say. 

This can be a result of them being conditioned or trained to think negatively by their family members or even other influential people in their life.

Or it could simply mean that they are shy in general and have suppressed their ability to speak.

Your heart-shaped birthmark on your neck can also connect to the emotional center of your body, which is the heart chakra. 

This means that the way you show love or compassion for others can come out in a very emotional way. You might cry easily when you see someone in pain or suffering.

This emotional birthmark on your neck might cause you to feel that it is important for you to cry when someone else is or has tears in their eyes because it makes you upset and causes a feeling of sadness all over your body.

You also find yourself crying easily if you hear certain types of music that display a lot of emotion.

Your heart-shaped birthmark could also be an indicator of your inability to express emotions out loud, especially when you feel the most upset or sad. 

You start to hold in your emotions when they get really strong inside of you.

If a person with a heart-shaped birthmark on their neck has not learned how to express their deepest emotions then they might have a blockage on their heart chakra.

Which means they might be resistant to allowing other people into their lives and resisting love that comes their way.

They might also have a fear of letting others in because they have been hurt or betrayed by people. 

So, it’s important to keep your chakras balanced.

Are heart-shaped birthmarks rare?

Heart-shaped birthmarks are very rare, so if you have one then you are very lucky. However, there are cases of many people having this birthmark on various parts of their bodies.

Do you have one?

If you do then you’re one of the lucky ones who have been blessed with great meaning and purpose in life.

These marks are associated with extreme positive spiritual or paranormal powers which can help you achieve success through love, romance, and relationships.


Inclusion we know that heart-shaped birthmarks are very rare and they are very positive and significant.

People with this birthmark have love and positivity in their lives. They are very emotional and have the ability to give true love.

People with this mark have a strong desire for deep affection, especially when it comes to relationships.

It’s also connected to their past life and may show some of the signs and qualities of who they were in another life.