Fun Test Based On Your Gender: What Did You See First, a Girl or a Guy?

The way your perception works is an introduction to your deep personality secrets, ones you don’t even consciously know about yourself.

Here is a fun test you can do!

Look at this image! What did you notice first?What-Did-You-See-First-a-Girl-or-a-Guy


A Guy? or maybe a A Girl?

The answer reveals a lot of things about your personality and you can use this knowledge to better understand who you are.

If You Saw A GIRL:

If you are a woman and you saw the girl first, get ready for some fascinating events happening to you in the future.

The girl in the image is looking upwards, and so are you; your positive attitude and the hopes that you hold in your heart can positively affect anyone around you.

It also means that you are happy with who you are and you’re in touch with your inner self. Moreover, it’s a sign of confidence and freedom.

If you are a man and you saw the girl first, it means that your mind is often fixated on the opposite sex.

There is perhaps one particular girl on your mind whom you care about, and you desperately try to get validation from her. Either way, you need to focus on improving your self-confidence, and all will fall into place.

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If You Saw A GUY:

If you are a woman and you saw the guy’s first, it shows your desire for a partner, or if you already have a partner, it proves your connection with him.

You often think about that guy, which is a good thing. The guy in the image represents healthy changes in your romantic life that will take place soon.

If you are a man and you saw the guy first, it means that you’re concerned about some male coworker, or a guy friend or even you are anxious about your sports team.

Either way, you aren’t at ease, and you need to talk about the thing that worries you and try to let it go.

Was it true for you?


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