How To Achieve Higher Level Of Consciousness

What is higher level of consciousness? Higher level of consciousness is the spiritual and mystical awareness. There are many progressive levels of higher consciousness you will be able to experience as you understand how to surpass your normal mind, whether its thoughts about your past, present and future, to go beyond and enter the infinite part of your being.

Higher level of consciousness is the increasing awareness of your spiritual essence, the meaning of life and the spiritual nature in all things in our universe. By elevating your awareness above your normal thought processes you can experience higher states of consciousness.


The 7 Levels Of Consciousness In OM Mantra

Below is some explanation of the 7 levels of consciousness which is mapped out in OM Mantra, I believe this is very important to understand…

1. Walking Conscious – Vaishvaanara

This is the waking state of consciousness, you are aware of your actions such as speech and thoughts, other deeper levels are consciousness is there but you will not notice them.[wp_ad_camp_1]

2. Unmani – Transition

This is the transition between walking and dreaming states, between conscious and unconscious states. We all have experienced this transition like when you wake up from a good sleep; you have left the dreaming world but have not completely come back into the waking state.

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3. Dreaming Unconscious – Taijasa

The dreaming state of consciousness is the level where your mind can work out its unfulfilled desires, wants, wishes and attractions not allowed to play out in the external world.

4. Aladani – Transition

This is the state where we don’t experience consciously, the transition between dreaming and deep sleep. It’s also the state where your formless self begins to stir. In this state your formless self may have access to past life karma.

5. Deep Sleep, The Subconscious – Prajna

This is the state where all your wants and desires play out in dreams; these desires are seeds in your mind and may play out in the physical world. This is the state of supreme knowledge.

6. Samadhi

This state of consciousness is beyond walking, dreams and deep sleep. Samadhi is when your mind is completely still, it’s a meditative state.

7. Absolute Consciousness – Turiya

This level of consciousness is the OM, this is pure consciousness which is silence, also permeates through all other levels. You are merged into the vibration of OM which is silence.

How To Achieve Higher States Of Consciousnesshigher level of consciousness 2

1. Being Healthy

It’s important to be healthy; when you’re in good health you can raise your consciousness quicker. So eat well, stay fit, do yoga and avoid eating processed food.

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2. Spend time in Nature

Spend some time in nature, yep nature calms your mind. You will be more at peace with yourself, which can elevate levels of consciousness.

3. Meditate or Samadhi

Meditation allows you to access your higher consciousness and awareness. Of course there are many health benefits with meditation and to understand Samadhi.

This Video explains Samadhi with Shree Yogeesh

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