How Do I Know if My Twin Flame Loves Me?

How do I know if my twin flame loves me? You can spend days wondering if your twin flame loves you.

It’s not about what they might say literally, but rather how they spend their time with you, their words and actions.

You can worry and dig yourself a grave thinking about it. You can’t be logical with love.

Here are the answers. Look for these signs.

Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You

They will always keep in contact with you. They are patient enough to know when to contact you; they never let things go too far.

1. When you are with them, they will make it a habit of touching you.

2. You can feel their love in their touch.

3. They might say the “I love you”. Not often but when its right.

4. They might not respond. They pull away.

5. They don’t say the “I love you.”

6. They hurt you a lot. Say mean things to you.

The signs above suggest the signs of a twin flame runner, which is right.

They like to pull away, hurt you and don’t want to cuddle with you when you want them đŸ™‚

You know they love you, they are in your life. They need you.

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You don’t have to chase them, chill and be patient. Don’t take their actions to heart, even when they are mean-spirited. Do your own thing and let them be.

You know unconditional love is a hard act to follow, it’s more significant than any human love. That’s the direction you have to take.

You don’t do things just for a reaction. Instead, you do it because you want to and feel good about it.

Have the patience to love yourself. Now that’s one attractive trait anyone can acquire đŸ™‚

I hope this concludes the question “How do I know if my twin flame loves me?”

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