How do soulmates connect? If you want to know how soulmates connect, first you must understand what a soulmate is.

A soulmate shares a soul group with us.

There is a more substantial soul – an oversoul – that split into various other souls, that in turn divided into two souls.

The two souls are twin flames, the other souls that all split into two are all twin flames to each other.

All of those twin flame pairs are soulmates.

This close relation of the soul is what gives the soulmate connection its power, and we’re going to learn how to use that power to connect with a soulmate.

Soulmate Connection

Although only the twin flame silver cord spiritual connection is unbreakable, every soulmate connection is very, very strong.

It is the strength of this connection that we use to connect.

To use it, we must first prepare it.

To prepare it, we must prepare ourselves.

This is the core principle by which almost all spiritual progress is made.

Essentially what this means is that we need to begin at home.

We need to cleanse our bad energies and cultivate the positive in order to raise our vibration levels.

This has two relevant effects:

First, it makes us easier to feel the soulmate connections, making it easier for the universe to pull us towards each other.

Second, it allows us to be prepared for the lessons we will undoubtedly learn from connecting with our soulmate.

Soulmate relationships are not there purely for our entertainment, they exist so that we may learn about ourselves and the nature of the soul and the universe.

Lessons in love and lessons in life.

Once we are ready for a soulmate connection, the next stage starts.


We know we are ready when we experience the first instance of synchronicity.

Most commonly, this is the appearance of the number 1111 (or some variant of it).

This is known in spiritual circles as the twin flame number; although that is slightly inaccurate as in reality, it serves to signify the beginning of something and the oneness and mirroring of the universal consciousness.

When we begin to see this number or its variants way more than usual, we can be sure a soulmate connection is about to occur.

At this point, we need to pay more attention to the people we meet.

We need to feel a spark of energy, a deep chemistry felt physically, emotionally and spiritually at the same time.

Clock it and note it

And see if that person has a habit of showing up all the time.

Soulmates often find that they have met before and almost always remember doing so – even years later, despite the apparent insignificance.

This is synchronicity, and we need to listen to this message from the universe.

But if you’re itching to meet your soulmate, you may have to exercise a lot of patience.

People have been asking “How do soulmates connect?” for thousands of years, and most continue to ask only because they choose not to hear the answer.

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