How do you know if you’re psychic? Well, to get straight to the point, there are some signs and symptoms to check.  If you experience few of these signs in your life, then congratulations! You are gifted.

Future Predictions Turn Out Right – Many Times:

We are not talking about making predictions like Nostradamus. You’re a psychic if you can predict the near or far future of your surroundings; and most of the time, it turns out the same even when you have said it unconsciously.

For instance, you can tell who is about to call you, or suddenly you change your route and hear bad news about the road you were going to take.

Profound Dreams With Deep Meaning

Your dreams are not ordinary. Many times, they have a message for you or your loved ones. Also, sometimes, you can see what is going to happen in your dream. It seems that your unconscious mind communicates with you in your vision by telling you solutions to your problems, or even guiding you about the new individual that you have met recently.

Strong Something About To Happen Feeling:

You have these feelings a lot. You just know things from nowhere. For instance, you know when your friend has good news, or when something terrible is going to happen. You just sense things without any proper explanation.

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Powerful Gut Feelings:

You just know that when the decision you are about to take is wrong, or when a person is lying to you. Your gut feelings always warn you when there’s a bad move. Clairsentience is the power to sense energy, and there’s a possibility that sensing the energy shifts has led to that hunch.

Mind Reading is your Art:

Having a glimpse at a persons face suddenly gives you the idea of what’s going on inside their mind. You can also detect easily when the person is saying a truth or lie. By seeing their eyes, you can judge their intentions towards you.

You know all the fake people around you. It is not easy to make you the fool. All these mind reading abilities don’t just mean that you are an intelligent person; it could also mean that you are a psychic.

Emotions of Others are Easy to Pick:

Every person has a dual face; one face is for the public, and the other appears in their loneliness. You can see both faces at a time. You can sense when the person is sad and pretending to be happy. Not only that, you can sense the emotions of your loved ones even when you are far away.

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There’s an instant need of calling the person because you are feeling uneasy and when you call, you hear that they are in trouble. Suddenly, a gush of happiness floods your mind with the thought of an individual, and on communicating, you know the good news.

Déjà vu is Quite Common:

Now and then, you have a feeling that you have lived this moment previously. People seem familiar, even when you are meeting them for the first time. It feels like you have visited the same place many times, even when you haven’t been there before.

Everyone is psychic, but some people know it while others don’t. The ones who know are taking advantages of their intuition by being one step ahead of the others. You can do it as well, by trusting your instincts and opening your mind to all the possibilities.