How Long Does Ascension Flu Last?

How Long Does Ascension Flu Last? During peak times of ascension in our lives, we may experience a set of ailments and symptoms of ill health.

This is as a result of the energetic shifts we have undergone and are undergoing.


The body is ill-equipped to deal with such upheaval, which results in the emergence of physical symptoms.

These symptoms are often flu-like, so we call it ascension flu.

It is also referred to varyingly as ascension sickness or simply ascension symptoms.

How Long Does Ascension Flu Last

Ascension flu can be a relative breeze through to absolute hell, depending on a number of factors.

Those factors also dictate how long the ascension flu will last. So let’s explore these factors.


Degree Of Ascension

Ascension is a lengthy process that begins at spiritual awakening and continues until we reach enlightenment and ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

 Each karmic lesson, each moment of spiritual growth, each step along our spiritual journey represents an instance of ascension.

With each of these events, we experience an upshift in our spiritual energies.

And these upshifts are cumulative – that is, they stack on top of each other.

So the length of time our ascension flu will last heavily depends on how much of an upshift in energy we have experienced.

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After an intense period of spiritual growth, we might expect any ascension flu to last at least a few days, perhaps even a few weeks.

However, if we have not been particularly spiritually active recently, we might be rid of the ascension flu within a day or less.

Degree Of Immunity

Just like the viral flu, we can develop an immunity to the ascension flu.

For some, this means less severe symptoms. For others, this can mean a complete absence of symptoms, which is described as full immunity.

However, most only develop a slight immunity and thus can get over the ascension flu much quicker.

The only real way to build this immunity is to engage in regular spiritual practice. In particular, we should endeavour to meditate on a daily basis and pay attention to problems as they arise.

But the fact is, if we are experiencing ascension flu, we probably already do enough meditation.

This is because ascension flu arises from rapid spiritual growth, so we are likely already engaging in regular spiritual practice.

So we should better use our meditation time with the specific goal of raising our ascension flu immunity.


We can do this by paying particular attention during meditation to the changes in our spiritual energies.

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By being intimately familiar with the changes in our spiritual selves, our body is better able to respond healthily to those changes.

As a necessary aside, it should be noted that we must take advice from a medical professional if the ascension flu lasts for too long.

This is because our ascension flu symptoms may be masking underlying medical conditions.

But whatever happens, the ascension flu will pass given enough time.

If you are experiencing this now, you have our sympathies, and we hope you feel better soon.

And remember, we might hate how sick we feel right now, but the fact that we are experiencing ascension flu tells us that we are successfully journeying towards full ascension.

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  1. Hi. This actually helps me a lot. Thank you!! It gives me courage knowing someone is going through what I am currently going through right now. I’ve overcome the intense period through spiritual guidance and love but I’m feeling it every now and then and I always question my feelings and my thoughts and it dissolves as I tackle it heads on. I’m relieved that I read people going through it as well though I sympathise with them I’m relieved I’m not going through it alone. I know this is a learning process. I am learning and shedding . May I know how do you know you’re already in a flu stage and how do you overcome this? I am so happy that I have guides like you to see me through.


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