How Many Animals Are Slaughtered Each Day?

Here is an interesting fact found a few years back. Humans slaughter over 56 billion farmed animals every year. The figure does not include sea life and only measured in tonnes.

What makes us think that animals are food for humans to eat. After all, we keep animals as pets and know they are thinking, feeling beings, and they want to enjoy living.


Society has conditioned us at a young age to view animals as inferior and nothing but food. Cows, chicken and fish, their existence has been to provide food.


We have to change our views on all animals here on Earth. They are not resources, they are individual beings whose lives need respect.


There is a great solution to save animals from suffering. By changing to a vegan lifestyle, individually we can stop as many as 90 animals a year, from being slaughtered. It adds up to thousands during our lifetime; this is not okay.

We already have the belief that animals should not suffer, yet many of us consume meat. By doing this, we bring immense suffering to animals, our planet and our health.

When you choose a vegan lifestyle, it means respecting the lives of animals. You are refusing to take part in animal exploitation.



One of the apparent tragedies we are failing to notice is the consumption of fish. The quantity is greater than one can imagine. It’s measured in tonnes, making it difficult to count how many die.

Research by Huntiford has shown that fish can sense pain. There are various methods to catch fish, with most of them they will suffer a gruesome death.

Being hauled to the surface, they go through massive decompression. Their eyes and organs explode, it is a death no living being should endure. The misery gets passed on to us when we eat the fish. Not a good energy cycle at all.

Hens exploited

Supermarkets label eggs as free range. They do this to prevent customers from thinking that a hen is suffering. All of the hens including free-range and organic start life at hatcheries. We know that male chicks don’t lay eggs, considered useless, gassed or minced alive at a few days old.

There are big sheds for free-range hens, thousands in cramped conditions. They never see daylight and are de-beaked to prevent them harming each other in crowded conditions. The stress they are always under is animal abuse.

Cows exploited

Like humans, cows only produce milk after they give birth. Forced impregnation is carried out and the calves separated from their grieving mothers.

On a Dairy Farm, female calves are exploited for milk, but males are shot at birth. Cows suffer a lot, as they are bred to produce more milk than their body can cope with. Cows can live up to 25 years; dairy cows are killed at five years old.


Cows are not only exploited for milk but flesh too. The calves used for milk-fed veal are taken and sold. They travel great distances and have anxiety.

Leather is another death sentence for cows. Buying leather supports animal exploitation. Their hides turned into leather is the second profitable product of the meat industry.


We know there is a solution, but we are conditioned to believe that animals are inferior. Each year the meat and dairy industry add new laws to labelling and doing everything to disregard the vegan lifestyle.

We know better to see through this facade. A vegan lifestyle is possible, and it will save animals from cruelty. Why not try it out.

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