How To Accept Yourself – The Five Signs (YOU NEVER KNEW)

How To Accept Yourself – I am going to share with you some signs you may not be aware of, because if you don’t give yourself enough credit it is going to be super hard to become your greatest version. You have to give yourself so much credit that you have to smile.

The Five Signs on How To Accept Yourself

1. The first sign on how to accept yourself is that you have forgotten how amazing you are, lot of us have short term just performed a random act of kindness, you have given someone so much and yet you still use yourself as a punching bag. You have given someone the directions to get to a certain place, but you never look at that as a positive action, so I always talk about how to create a positive imprint program and it starts when you write down in your dairy all of your good deeds. So write it down Today I gave someone directions to go into nature, whatever your good deed was.


Focus on all the amazing traits you have, if you don’t have any realize that you do. You have life that in it self is a gift and a wonderful treasure. When you remember how amazing you are you start giving yourself more credit.


2. You are unkind but here is where it gets complicated, you are kind to others so why be unkind to yourself ? thats a sign you are not giving yourself enough credit. Here is what you should do…, stop using yourself as a punching bag, sometimes we punch ourselves, sometimes we scratch ourselves and sometimes we get other people to do it for us..why ?how to accept yourself 1

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In a nutshell the more compassion you show to yourself, the more compassion you can show to other people because other people are reflection of how we treat ourselves. So the kinder you are to yourself it is more easier to accept yourself. For lot of us we are the judge, we are very strict on ourself and very harsh therefore it is very hard to praise ourselves when we really need that support. If you don’t have those fans cheering for you, you feel your on your own, so its better to learn to be a support system and also have a support system.

3. The third sign on how to accept yourself is that your not giving yourself enough credit because you value the opinions of others more than the opinions of yourself. How does this dress look honey ? ….you ask your partner, they say it looks great, but in your mind you don’t like this dress. Its wonderful to get the advice from other people at the same time you should realize when you are grounded in your true authenticity, the opinions of other people become less important. What really matters is how you perceive yourself, because the perception we have about ourselves is greater than the perception other people have of to accept yourself 2

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4. We don’t see how far we come. The people that give them selves enough credit they realize goodness gracious I managed to get myself away from spiders, crocodiles, lions and tigers and I am still here. They have unconditional positive regard towards themselves, that is how to become your greatest version. For lot of people they may overcome so many obstacles guess what ? they don’t give themselves credit for doing it because they have a very low self esteem, they have very low confidence level. So stop being humble say.. you are amazing.


5. You are not giving yourself enough credit because you are trying to be someone else, how can you be yourself when you are trying to be the person next door…it won’t happen. Once again accept yourself 100% without apologizing for it, form a more intimate relationship with yourself, surrender to yourself realize that once we move into our true authenticity we naturally attract everything we need and it is at that moment you start to say I am amazing.

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