How to activate Kundalini should not be your question! It should be: “how to activate Kundalini correctly?” Kundalini is powerful energy – according to the Yogis, it is the Sacred Fire that is present at the base of the spine.

Overall, it has seven layers, and all these layers have seven sub-layers.

Which means, there is a total of forty-nine degrees of Kundalini awakening. At which degree your Kundalini has awakened matters a lot.

Kundalini magnifies the positive as well as negative aspects of the person; it is highly essential that only positive qualities be filtered when Kundalini is activated.

How To Activate Kundalini

There are many significant things that should be done before you even think about activating your Kundalini.

Do the following first:

  • Reduce your negativity by remaining positive as much as you can
  • Do gentle breathing exercises, like yoga on a daily basis
  • Keep your spine straight by sitting upright more
  • Have a good company and help others
  • Stay away from bad habits
  • Eat right and try to live a healthy life
  • Go with the flow and accept the life changes
  • Clean your physical body along with energy body
  • Go for inner purification regularly by improving your character

When you do all the above, only then go for the Kundalini activation; otherwise, you will be harming yourself at the end.

Two Important Chakras: The heart and the crown chakras are highly important in activating the Kundalini correctly.

These higher chakras must be activated before you go for Kundalini activation.

Meditate on Twin Hearts: When you do that, you will feel that something is dragging your head down and energy is rising in your spine.

When the Kundalini energy is going up to the crown chakra, you might feel that your head will explode; some people even see all the stars and galaxies.

Go for Kriya Technique:

Kriya is the unique technique that focuses more on breathing.

It is the practice that could quickly be done at home. All you need is a quiet room that doesn’t have anything to distract your attention.

In this unique breathing technique, you are required to breathe at the very tip of your spine.

When you are breathing, breathe through your spine in the upward direction to the crown of your head.

You need to maintain your focus on breathing upward. The next step is to breathe down.

This time, do this from the top of your head to your third eye, then to the throat and the heart.

During this exercise, chanting is essential. If you have a spiritual teacher, have them guide you.

Combining meditation and Kriya technique makes it the best practice to awaken your Kundalini.

It helps you release the tension in your body which is the main hindrance in Kundalini awakening.

It releases the energy from the base of your spine. Kundalini is something that is present within you.

It is not present outside and awakening it could disturb you much.

Only try to awaken your Kundalini when you think you are entirely ready to accept this change.

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