Astral projection is a wonderful out of body experience that lets you explore the world very differently.

Leaving your physical body behind and travelling in astral form allows you to go wherever you want without any limitation. It is a delightful experience that only a few people enjoy.

How to astral project easily

Astral projection is not an easy job and requires lots of practice, but it is something that can be learned with practice.

Trusting yourself is the secret to being able to astral travel successfully. Follow these simple steps to astral project:

  1. Lie down on a comfortable flat surface – make sure that you are at ease.
  2. Don’t fall asleep, but close your eyes and relax. Your body should fall asleep, but your mind should be active. Breathe deeply to achieve that and concentrate on your breathing.
  3. Continue the above step until you start to hear vibrations. Don’t get excited when you listen to them but remain calm.
  4. Imagine your astral body is leaving your physical body. Think of it with your eyes closed.
  5. You will feel that you are unable to move your feet, but on the other hand, it will also feel like you are floating in the air. If this happens, then you are heading in the right direction.
  6. If you can see your body lying down while you are moving, that means you have successfully separated your physical and astral form.

It is that simple! But, you need to do it again and again to astral project instantly.

A Baffling Question: Is Astral Projection Real?

There are thousands of people in the world who claim that they have astral projected successfully. Could it be possible that all of them are lying? There’s a very thin chance of it.

Astral projection is an extraordinary, unique thing and requires lots of practice. As we have stated earlier, trusting your abilities is essential.

People, who say that it isn’t real, don’t believe in it in the first place. When you don’t believe it, how can you achieve it?

Science can not tell whether the out-of-body experience is real or not because there is no scientific machine to detect whether or not an astral body has left the physical body.

Science did not believe in so many things a few centuries ago, but does that mean that they are not real? With time, things change and so does scientific facts.

Top Three Astral Projection Techniques:

Over time, many people who have experienced astral projection have introduced astral projection techniques that help in instant astral projection. Here are the top three methods:

1. The Rope Technique:

Introduced by Robert Bruce, this technique requires you to imagine an invisible rope hanging from the ceiling, and you leave your physical body by grabbing this rope.

2. Robert Monroe’s Technique:

Robert Monroe produced this technique. Relax your body and go to hypnagogic state. Clear your mind and induce vibrations in the body. Control and intensify them to leave your physical body. Roll over and see yourself out.

3. Muldoon’s Thirst Technique:

Developed by Sylvan Muldoon, this technique takes help from being thirsty. It is not a very pleasant method but it works.

Don’t drink water for several hours before going to bed. When you lie down, have a pinch a salt just to increase your thirst.

Place the glass of water someplace near but away from your bed.

While you are relaxing in the bed, your body would want to drink that water and when you lie calmly in bed, try to reach that glass using your astral body. Your thirst will make you do it in no time.

How To Astral Project With Someone?

In the astral world, you can meet the astral bodies of other individuals as well as other 4-D creatures.

Astral projecting with someone is really hard because it requires you to be patient and achieve the same mental state at the same time, but it is possible.

To astral project with someone, your technique of leaving your body will remain the same. Your friend could also follow their favourite technique.

But before you start your astral voyage, setting the time and choosing the place is important. Call your friend to make sure that they are ready to astral project with you.

Initiate astral projecting and reach the selected destination on time. To have a successful projection like that, it requires many years of experience on both ends.

Susan was born with spiritual gifts and is a master of many metaphysical techniques. Her extensive list of metaphysical tools is the result of practicing reading and healing many souls for over 30 years. She loves to read people and uses energy reading, tarot, numerology, graphology, astrology, I-Ching, EFT, and natural healing. She brings all these tools together and combines them with her natural psychic medium, clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts. Her experience in all things spiritual helps to bring a full understanding of self and soul to her private clients and readers.