Learning how to astral project is easy as long as you have the knowledge, dedication, and patience.

You have heard about out-of-body experiences and lucid dreaming, but you might think it is all too advanced for you and is just for a select, talented few.

While it is true that some people naturally have this gift at traveling on the celestial plane and can do so with little-to-no training.

It is true to say that anyone can indeed learn how to astral project if they put their mind to it.

Benefits Of Astral Projection

Why should you want to learn astral projection? There are many benefits to out-of-body experiences in general and lucid dreaming in particular.

The first and most obvious benefit that you will gain after just a few forays in your Light Body is a new perspective on the cycle of life and death.

Gaining conscious, lucid access to a world beyond our familiar one opens your mind to the realization that death is not something to be feared.

It is not an end, but an opportunity for rebirth.

Release from this fear is a significant benefit as it usually leads to more confidence, more drive, higher self-esteem, and a generally more balanced state.

Another benefit is in the way OBEs strengthen your mind-body-spirit connection.

By strengthening this connection, you unlock knowledge, memory, and experience from previous lives and your higher self.

In a way, astral projection allows you to better connect with your self and soul.

How To Astral Project In 3 Easy Steps

The process contains three necessary and basic steps – the take-off, remaining lucid while dreaming, then retaining your experiences after you return to your body.

You must master all three of these steps to project yourself onto the astral plane successfully.

1. Take-Off

The first critical moment during astral projection is the take-off. It is the moment when your Light Body removes itself from your physical body.

In order to facilitate this separation of two aspects of yourself, you need to ensure maximum relaxation of your physical self and an unblocked, balanced and slightly expanded energy system.

Physical body relaxation should not be too hard to achieve. After all, you do it every night as you go to sleep.

Keeping your energy in perfect condition is a bit more of a challenge.

Ensuring you stay on top of your chakra healing and regularly cleanse your aura should be enough to get by, but if you start having trouble, this is usually where the problem lies.

The reason your energy plays such an important part here is that it acts as a glue, holding together your celestial and physical bodies.

When the energy flows freely and evenly, there is enough flexibility for the Light Body to separate from the physical body temporarily.

2. Remaining Lucid

If at any point after you begin to relax your physical body, you lose awareness of dreaming, you have stopped astral projection and just fallen asleep.

Lucidity is just awareness. You are lucid when you are aware of what is happening around you, where you are at the moment and roughly how long you have been there.

When you are asleep, you do not have lucidity.

But when just your physical body is asleep, your mind staying conscious and aware, you can astral project.

Learning how to do this is practically an art.

Like learning how to paint, there are some techniques you can use to help speed up the learning process (read below), but most of what you learn will come purely from practice.

3. Retaining Your Experiences

While you are on the astral plane, you are experiencing reality through your Light Body.

The knowledge and memories you gain store in the brain of that body, and they do not necessarily transfer over to your physical brain when you return to the body.

Again, with practice and experience, you will be able to do this quite easily. There are concrete techniques to help with this process, too.

Before you start the process, speak a mantra phrase.

We like, “I will return from the astral plane with the knowledge, experiences, and memories of my astral mind.”

Feel free to change that to suit you, or to come up with something different. Whatever you land on, make sure you repeat it a few times with intent.

The waking up process is essential to retaining your experiences.

It should be as gradual and gentle as possible, and the process of recall should begin before you move your physical body.

Managing your return to the physical plane is perhaps the most important and challenging part of this process, but with practice and the right mantra is spoken with intent, you can master astral projection.

How To Astral Project Easy: Tips & Tricks

If you want to learn how to astral project easy, then you should keep the following tips and tricks at hand for your journey of learning:

1. Your Experience Is Your Own

It can be tempting to read as much about the topic as possible before embarking on your expedition to the higher realm, but doing so can color your experience with the experiences of others.

The problem with that is that your journey is your own and you need to see it through your lens.

By taking on the experiences of others, you are distorting your own through their lens.

Privilege your own experience and take those of others with a grain of salt.

2. Keep At It

Although the process is easy, it does take time to get it consistently right.

Losing motivation is the number one reason for people not being able to achieve astral projection, so keep your drive.

3. Be In The Right State

Before starting a session, you should raise your vibrations by embodying positive emotion and clearing negative energy.

4. Be In The Right Place

Where you choose to do this is of absolute importance.

You should never attempt it in a public place. You should ensure that you will not be disturbed during the process.

It can be quite upsetting, as well as ruining the attempt as they pull you back to your body quite suddenly.