We strengthen our self-ego our entire life. We feed it fear, insecurities and all sorts of negative energies and resultantly, our ability to love diminishes. Love is not a singular process.

It’s a richly consuming phenomenon that connects a human with the whole. It imbues a deep sense of empathy within them.

When we let love and light in to infiltrate our wicked minds and hearts, spiritual enlightenment comes calling for us. It wakes up our soul from a state of dormancy.

Spiritual enlightenment can transform our lives, and bring us closer to our destinies.

However, to achieve this higher state, we must survive a period of intense grief, and not only survive it but also realise the reasons behind it.

Attaining spiritual enlightenment is an arduous struggle, but there are some things you can do to perpetuate the process.

Embrace the Pain

We have always been fed lies by this deceptive materialistic world that we live in. This elite-controlled matrix only takes us farther away from the truth.

Anyone who tries to adapt to the ways of this wretched world only ends up tattering his peace and happiness. An existential crisis settles in his heart, and he loses all purpose and meaning.

To attain spiritual enlightenment, one must understand that you can no longer run from your pain. He has to embrace it and let it destroy them so that they can rise anew.

Pain makes our bones break and shatters our soul, but it brings us closer to the truth. The truth is liberating and simplistic. It doesn’t entangle us in a web of lies. It clarifies our misconceptions and changes our mindset.

People who weather storms instead of restoring to drugs, sex and alcohol, have a much better chance of achieving spiritual enlightenment because they know how to deal with pain, without depending on anything.

Strike a balance between spirituality and materialism

We are not the ones who own our possessions, but it is they who own us. They restrain our freedom and cease us from exploring the hidden aspects of our mind and soul.

We become obsessed with these luxuries and temptations, and forget that we have a purpose to fulfil. To spiritually evolve we must strike a balance between our spiritual and material realms.

Love yourself

Find the courage to love yourself. Specific harrowing experiences in our past dwarf our ability to love. We find it hard even to face ourselves in the mirror.

We start loathing every inch of our beings, and this venom of self-hatred poisons our whole bodies. It leaves no place unaffected. There are parts of you that deserve constant love.

Discover new things about yourself. Stop seeking validation from people who never mattered to you in the first place.

Be your love and one day you will be awarded the gift of spiritual enlightenment.