In any relationship, the attraction is the essential element. It is the bridge to a future relationship. The twin flame relationship is the most beautiful, yet the hardest and toughest connection of your life.

It is something beyond our 3-D world and requires lots of effort and work. Finding your twin flame and recognising them is quite a tricky job and then comes the turn of attracting your twin flame, and making them notice you.

Here, the question arises, “how to attract your twin flame?” Well, to be honest, there is no hard and fast rule, and there is no reliability either that your twin flame would get attracted towards you, but you could try. Give it your best shot by taking some of our advice; it might help you.

Love Yourself:

It is the foremost thing to do when you want to attract your twin flame. When you don’t love yourself, how can you expect others to love you? It is vital that you start loving yourself.

Tell yourself that you are good enough for your twin; you are full of wonderful qualities; you are beautiful. It is helpful to say any positive, loving affirmations to yourself.

Be Confident:

Would you like to date a person who is always confused and unable to make proper decisions at the right time; you might not waste your time on that person. So, don’t expect your twin flame to accept you in this position.

Be confident always and especially in front of your twin. Show them that you control your life and you have the power of your world. Your twin would love to be with you when you are comfortable to be around.

Know What They Want:

Twins are the mirror image of each other. It is natural that they both long for a particular kind of personality and characteristics in their partner. In your heart, somehow you exactly know what your twin wants and what would attract them.

As you both have the same soul, trust your instincts. When your heart is blank about your twin’s desires, use your brain. Be a bit resourceful. Check out their friend’s circle and know which kind of people they like.

Also, try to understand how they are living their lives. Find their positive traits and the negative ones. Imagine which kind of life partner they would prefer.

Final Verdict:

Remember that you are important. Don’t lose yourself in attracting your twin flame. When you are trying, and you are not getting the fruit of it, don’t become impatient. There’s a proper time when your twin flame would recognise you. It is the soul connection that requires evolution to the higher self.

In my own journey, I recognised my twin flame after nine years, but he remained patient. He didn’t plead me or come to me again and again. Instead, he worked hard on himself. He evaluated which kind of person I would like and became precisely that way.

He never faded away entirely from my life in the meanwhile and showed me his presence now and then either directly or indirectly through joint friends. When he polished himself, he proposed. I was unable to say “no” because he was too perfect in every way I liked.