Soulmate relationships are among the most fulfilling and gratifying relationships we get to experience. Sure, like all relationships they can be difficult, and with the added intensity of the soulmate spiritual connection the highs can be very high and the lows torturously low.

But not all relationships are straightforward. There may come a time when we have to put our soulmate relationship on hold for a period of time (or even indefinitely).

And this leaves us open to suffering from soulmate separation anxiety.

This is an entirely natural part of a soulmate relationship.

How To Avoid Soulmate Separation Anxiety

It is unfortunate that we have to separate for a while – perhaps for familial or professional reasons, or perhaps because one or both partners just need a break from the whole relationship – but it is not an insurmountable challenge.

It may even be good for us in the long run.

But the separation anxiety is a real problem that we must equip ourselves to deal with. So how do we deal with soulmate separation anxiety?

Understand The Machinations

The fact is that we may well be separating as a part of our predetermined spiritual journey as laid out in the soulmate contract.

The soulmate contract is an agreement we make before we enter this incarnation as to the karmic lessons that we will help each other learn.

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It is designed to help us along our spiritual journey and is core to the soulmate relationship.

If this is the case, then we are ideally placed to take control of our spiritual journey during this time of separation and use the time to work on ourselves.

Self Care & Balance

Soulmate relationships have a habit of consuming us. This may be great in the short term, but it can cause us to neglect our own spiritual needs as we are caught up in the physical and emotional excitement that has entered our lives.

A break from that is a chance to address any problems we have within ourselves as individuals.

We should take some time for ourselves, time to meditate and rebalance our energies.

It may be difficult to do this if we are overthinking about our soulmate, what they are up to and if they are okay and if they still love you and all the other rubbish that our minds conjure up during times of anxiety.

But we should persevere anyway.

We should use affirmations that highlight mastery of the self and our individuality. We should remind ourselves of our own individual achievements, talents and skills.

Now might also be a time to reforge relationships that we have perhaps, while caught up in the soulmate relationship, neglected a little.

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Reminding ourselves that we have more than just one love connection in our lives is essential at this time.

And finally, when we are ready, and they are ready, we will reconnect with our soulmate – or, if that is off the cards, perhaps we will meet the next person who will knock us off our feet.

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