How To Awaken Kundalini?

Kundalini refers to a latent female energy that is believed to lie coiled at the base of the spine and according to certain yoga doctrines, it is believed that this energy when awakened, can inspire an individual to a higher spiritual enlightenment a well as help improve their health by eliminating stress and tension in their lives.

Based on this belief, many people have been wondering how to awaken Kundalini, and in this article, we shall discuss some top secrets on how to achieve this.


So, How Do We Go About It?

We are going to base this guide on a Kriya Yoga technique as it is hardly possible to discuss all the possible yoga techniques that can help with Kundalini awakening. Often termed as a purifying method, the Kriya Technique for awakening Kundalini is one of the easiest ways to transform oneself into a blissful meditation state. Here is how to go about this technique;

Phase One –In this phase, you would focus on your breath beginning from the base of your spine all the way up and out of the top of your head. This is to be done as you inhale so that it appears to assume the motion of ”breathing up” the energy.

As opposed to other yoga poses and asanas, this has more to do with focus than with imagination. Additionally, you should ensure you take it easy and do not force the motions. As you gently practice this over time, you will begin to feel the energy rising, and even though the subsequent sensations may be subtle at first, you will soon find them blissful as you continue, at times even to the point of feeling like an orgasm.

Phase Two –This second phase involves the movement of the breath down your front as you exhale. The movement should be from the top of the head down to the region between your eyebrows, alternatively known as the third eye; and then down to your throat before finally resting it on your heart chakra that is located at the centre of your chest.

To make the most of it, you are to halt the breath just when it reaches your heart chakra and then one more time, inhale from the base of your spine as you repeat the process above.


Phase Three – This is perhaps the most important step of Kundalini awakening as it involves the awakening of the real energy. Sadly though, this is not a technique an enlightened teacher would give away without actually having you initiated into the technique so to make it happen, the teacher would give you shaktipat that awakens your Kundalini by way of touch, chanting or focusing their energy on you.

But how do you awaken this energy yourself? All you have to do is silently chant the name of an enlightened teacher, Saint or Guru. These have to be individuals you are strongly connected to; either those you have met of simply have a strong attachment to.


You also don’t have to subscribe to the particular doctrines of yoga and Hinduism for this to work; you can simply chant the name of a saint in your religion, and it would still work wonders.

The trick is to repeat the name as you inhale and as you exhale so that you take on the Shakti [energy].


This is a simple guide on how to awaken Kundalini. Why wait when you can unleash this energy and explore higher spiritual realms?


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