Balance Throat Chakra: The throat chakra, or Vishuddha in Sanskrit (meaning “pure”), is located in the throat and represents the fifth primary chakra of the subtle body.

Blockages and overstimulation of the throat chakra affect our ability to communicate with others and with ourselves.

Balance Throat Chakra

Difficulties in social situations and an inability to adequately express our thoughts are often associated with a blockage or overstimulation of the throat chakra.

Fortunately, there are a number of techniques we can use to bring our throat chakra into balance.


 The go-to for chakra balancing is in meditation.

Although our spiritual status limits the power of this – or how far along our spiritual journey we have ventured.

It takes many years of practice to harness our chakras through meditation in order to redress the imbalance in them.

But if we don’t take the opportunity to try the meditative method of chakra balancing, then we cannot get better at it.

So give it a go, read some guides, perhaps do a guided meditation for precisely this purpose.

And don’t worry if it doesn’t work.

There are other techniques we’re going to talk about right now, and this is more of a tip for you to turn a problem into an opportunity.

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When Meditation Fails

When this inevitably fails – unless you are very adept at meditation already.

We can do a whole range of other things to help bring the throat chakra into balance.

The first is very simple – practice speaking. Speak to strangers, talk to friends, speak to family, speak to absolutely anyone that will listen.

And speak the truth.

Through honest communication, our throat chakra can open and find its balance.

When we speak with truth and honesty about our thoughts and ideas, we stretch the throat chakra and better familiarise ourselves with it.

But speaking isn’t enough. We also need to listen.

Yes, we don’t listen with our throat, but we do communicate with our ears.

Without listening we travel through life in a constant state of monologue.

Hearing other people, hearing their thoughts and ideas allows us to understand ourselves better – and, of course, each other.

The more we listen, the closer to the truth we get.

Another technique we might use is to sing.

Bonus points if we sing in front of an audience, even if that audience is a singular loved one that is generous enough with us to tolerate our caterwauling.

And it is in this that we get to the crux of the issue.

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Singing in front of someone is an act of ultimate vulnerability – at least if we are not so gifted at it.

By making ourselves vulnerable and revelling in it, by speaking the truth even when it is difficult.

By insisting on expressing our inner selves to the world we bring in to balance our throat chakra and improve our abilities of communication.