How To Be Positive in Life? Three Tips

How to be positive in life ? Wouldn’t be great if we can always remain positive throughout our life ? Most of us have a tendency think negatively, its easy to think negative, our brain stores negative thoughts quicker than positive ones and in life we tend to fail more, so its natural to think this way and we become comfortable to it. If you have filled in a job application and the end of completing it you probably had some negative feeling about getting the job, you said to yourself ” I probably won’t get this job”.how to be positive in life

When you think in a negative way, you are bringing back all the bad things that have happened, which made you miserable. Negative thinking also causes you lot of stress,.. yep and stress isn’t good for your health. Being and thinking positive not only makes you smile, it also brings balance to your mind and body… and all the abundance, joy and attraction flows… You become a magnet for attracting people…Mmmm mmm.. Lets get started.



1. The Positive Self talk

I believe self talk is the place were most people fail and thinking negatively, I know its not easy. Positive self talk is encouraging and seeding your mind positive thoughts. For example, ” I will make today a good day.” You will be telling yourself this throughout your day, your mind is seeded that you will have a good day. Most often this removes negative thoughts you may have.

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2. Write it down

how to be positive in life 2Can you remember all the cool and amazing things you did in your life ? why not write them down.. a gratitude journal is a great way to list all the things you did. Now add all the amazing things you are doing right now and what you love about yourself. When you writing them down and you are referring back to it, you are inviting happiness and more things to be grateful for in your life.

3. Surround yourself with positivity

Hearing about something inspiring will lift your spirits. So to get into a positive mood, I found that reading or watching something I enjoy always changes my mood from negative to positive. Why not watch some comedy ? laughter uplifts your soul. Even with all the positivity going in your life there will be a time when you will stumble, what matters is that you keep at it. Doing kind deeds for others can enhance your day. Why not take someone you love out for breakfast or dinner ? encouraging others always lifts your soul.

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