What is a close bond? Why are soul mate relationships so intense?

Over time, a soul mate connection strengthens. Time adds sentiment and value to everything. If you can feel attached to inanimate objects, then you can most certainly develop a close bond with your soul mate.

When you share your thoughts, beliefs, emotional insecurities with him, a heartfelt intimacy ties you two together. In a way, it bonds you.

However, if a soul mate relationship corrupts, it can become increasingly hard to restrain yourself from your soul mate. You become addicted to him.

He’s a drug to you. If you try to withdraw, a little sniff of his scent or memories brings you back and throws cold water on your progress.

So, how to overcome this insurmountable struggle of disconnecting yourself from a soul mate relationship?

How to disintegrate a close bond and break free from your soul mate

It is necessary to assess your reasons for breaking away from a soul mate. You have to kill all doubts.

To reach a moment of clarity, outline the reasons why you want to cut the cord between you and your partner.

Do not make haste. Once you’re absolutely sure that the soul mate relationship has become dysfunctional to the point that it is no longer worth saving, you will gain acceptance.

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You will accept that it’s time to let go. You’ll understand that this relationship has turned into a karmic relationship, and it is hampering your spiritual growth.

Once you realize that, you will become mentally fortuitous. You’ll become resolute and driven to end the soul mate relationship by all means.

You have to cease all sorts of communication with him. No texts, phone calls, emails. If he tries to contact you, cut him off. Don’t yield, even if he pleads for forgiveness.

You’re well aware of the atrocious cycle. Don’t engage yourself in his den because of the intense soul bond that you share with him. Sometimes, it helps to destroy everything that connects you to your soul mate, such as photographs, letters etc.

These trifles store a lot of soul-mate bond energy and instantly transfer it back when they come in contact with either of the soul mates.

Remember, your mind is going to turn into a battlefield. You’re going to have to resist your deepest urges. At times like these, remind yourself what’s at stake? Remember your reasons because they are more important than an abusive relationship.

Sometimes, soul mates enter into our lives to teach us an invaluable lesson. Not all soul mate relationships are meant to last.

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Accepting this harsh reality can pave your path to inner peace.

Ending a soul mate relationship will require physical and mental exertion and lots of time.

You can’t just expect to disintegrate such an intense bond overnight. Patience and perseverance are virtues that can fuel your struggle, but only if you let them.

A strong stance can liberate you, but you can’t stay strong for an extended period of time. So, when you feel weak, endure. There’s no easy way to do break this close bond.