We share a spiritual connection with our twin flame stronger than any other bond we may share with anyone else.

The strength of this connection – or silver cord, as it is often described – allows us to communicate telepathically with our twin flame.

And sometimes we want to use this telepathic connection to attract our twin flame.

How To Call Your Twin Flame To You?

But how can we do that? How can we call our twin flame to us? Well, follow these steps, and you will be able to do just that.

Prepare Your Surroundings

The first thing you need to do is prepare your surroundings.

Find a sweet, quiet spot – preferably at home, but perhaps in nature instead – and find a comfortable position. Stay there a while and try to concentrate on the energies in your chosen spot.

Listen to your intuition. Are there any negative energies? No? Perfect. If there are, find a new spot and repeat. But when you have a place clear of negative energies, this step is almost complete.

Before we continue, we should gather some scents and crystals to aid us. This is not strictly necessary, but for the first try, it is highly recommended.

We like to recommend the use of lemon scents and rose quartz crystals for help with focusing on your twin flame.

Enter A Meditative State

With your area prepared and a comfortable position found, enter a meditative state.

There are a great many guides on how to do this so go ahead and look up a more detailed guide to meditation if you have not done it before.

Not only is it useful in this circumstance, but for your spiritual growth in general.

But, highly simplified, the idea is to concentrate on your own body, feeling your breath as it enters and leaves your body, and becoming one with your subtle body in order to reach your spiritual mind.

Call Upon Your Spirit Guides

You must then call upon your spirit guides to help us with the final step.

Mantras and affirmations help with this. The content of the mantra does not mean as much as people tend to think – it does not matter how well you word the mantra, only the strength of the intent behind it matters.

Say what you can say it with conviction, word it how your heart words it, and ask your spirit guides for assistance in harnessing the silver cord.

Harness The Twin Flame Connection

The silver cord is the twin flame connection. It stretches from the centre of the chest where the heart chakra is located and extends across the spiritual plane where it connects with the heart chakra of your twin flame.

Visualise this connection as a silver beam of energy through which your thoughts and emotions may travel.

And once you have visualised it, and you can feel it, and you feel confident it is in your grasp, send your message.

Whatever that message is, it will reach your twin flame. Like a dog that catches a whiff of a string of sausages in a stranger’s pocket, they will be unable to ignore the impulse to follow.