Telepathy allows you to convey words, emotions, or images to someone’s mind. In the past telepathy occupied the realms of science fiction or the paranormal. It was considered to be outside of mainstream science. But that is changing.

In 2014 research was conducted with a scientific demonstration of mind to mind communication. Neuroscientist Carlos Grau set up an ingenious experiment for subjects in France and India. You can read more about it here.


We know that telepathy works and with science backing it. It’s now a time we can make use of it.

How To Communicate Telepathically | The Guide

In this section, you will learn to communicate using your mind.

The Sender and receiver

For this guide you will need two people, one will be the sender and the other the receiver. But for this article, you will be the sender to make things easier.


This is the critical part, you both need to believe that telepathy is possible. If you are a sceptic or closed minded, the results will be poor. Having the desire to make it happen and an open mind is essential.


Telepathy is more effective when you are both relaxed. It also helps if you are in good health, avoid it when you are unwell.

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Mental relaxation

Having a peaceful mind is very helpful, to get you into a Meditative state. Let thoughts come and go but don’t get attached to them.

As the sender, your focus is to send thoughts across. Your partner the receiver should focus on being receptive to your thoughts.


The above steps are the foundation for your success with telepathy. Make sure you follow them and in the right mindset.

Shut your eyes and visualise a clear picture of your partner (The receiver), Imagine they are near you. Visualise them in full colour, if you find it difficult to do, observe a photo of them beforehand.

Now imagine a silver tube connecting both your minds together. The tube will channel your thoughts to them. Imagine this tube full of energy, and it’s very effective.

Instead of the tube, you can visualise a telephone; they are both aids to help you.


Now the step is to visualise your thoughts transmitted through the tube. From your mind to theirs. Imagine a red apple as clear as you can. Charge the apple with emotions. Emotions are very powerful, and this exercise will fail without any emotions.


Make sure you are relaxed and not straining to send the thoughts.

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When to stop? During the process you will get a strong feeling that it has worked, the feeling can’t be faked. When you get that feeling the job is complete. It could take a few seconds to a few minutes.


The receiver should keep their mind blank, and avoid trying too hard. They should never think about what you are trying to send. Their mind should be receptive and relaxed.


Compare the results, check their notes, and see how accurate it is, remember it takes practice to get good results.


Exploring telepathy is fun and exciting, it’s not science fiction, it’s real. With practice, you can get it right, and have an important skill.

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