How to communicate with your spirit guide?

Do you find it difficult to form a connection with them? It is easy when you know how.

How can my spirit guides help me?

Spirit guides are always here to assist you, but you need to ask them.

Your spirit guides want to see you prosper. They want to gift you with wisdom.

Here are some steps to communicate with your spirit guides:

Ask Them

Your spirit guide can help you achieve whatever you want if the intention is good.

From finding your important papers to healing your wounds.

Your guides are ready to listen, and all you need to do is ask them.

Don’t Expect Anything

When people call upon their spirit guide, they expect them to appear in some physical/spirit form.

They will communicate with you in their unique way and provide you with a solution.

They won’t appear in front of you. So don’t expect anything.

You will receive guidance from places you couldn’t imagine.

Meditate To Form a Connection

When you want to connect with your spirit guide, you need to set the right frequency.

The spirit guides are always ready to make the connection; but, most of the time, you are not using the right tools.

Meditate daily and put your focus on connecting with them.

Guidance Box

Get yourself a special box – whenever you need help, write your problems down and put the paper in the box.

You have to trust your spirit guide will read it and assist you.

Sign Communication

Over a period the connection with your spirit guide will become stronger. When you get to that point, you can ask to see a sign.

For example, for the answer yes, you can ask your guide to show you a red rose.

Separate your Spirit Guide Space

If you want to increase the connection with your spirit guide, create a sacred space in your room or any place.

Always try to communicate with your spirit guide in that place. Having a sacred space makes your connection with them stronger.

Be Your Own Guide

Your subconscious mind provides a way for the spirit guide to connect with you. So clear your mind completely.

Focus on what you want to share with your spirit guide. Sit down on your writing desk or a comfortable pillow.

Get a notebook and write your question with a colouring pen. Then ask your spirit guide to flow the answer to you.

Write down the first thing that comes to your mind with another colour.

It helps not to be logical, keep your mind clean and don’t manipulate the answer with your thoughts.


Now you know, you can simply ask your spirit guide when you want to communicate with them. They are always here for you, assisting you.

Whether you meditate or use sign communication with your spirit guide.

You are forming a connection with them. With practice, the connection becomes a powerful tool in your life.