How To Connect To Source Energy (BEST TIPS)

How to connect to source energy ? You can tap into this energy if you can recognize and accept there is a higher consciousness of knowing and communication. The Source is full of unlimited energy.


You don’t have to be someone who is gifted to connect to this energy, you will have to make efforts to learn the secrets. All of us have this intuition, psychic sense and we can recognize the sense of this energy and focus our attention on it, which is required to develop to connect to source energy

How To Connect To Source Energy ? First We have to Focus.

Before you can connect to source energy you will need to focus. You will need your intuition at the highest level, opening your and third eye chakra will be beneficial. You will focus on the smallest moments of psychic occurrence that is happening to you and others around you.

Everything is connected.

One of most beautiful thing you will need to understand is that every living thing has consciousness and has a connection to every one and with Source. So everything you see around you like, plants, animals, people and everything you can imagine in our universe is connected to Source Energy.

When you do understand this concept, which I believe is the most important step to connecting with source energy. The next step would be that you would need the desire and enthusiasm to develop your self so you can connect with the universal Source energy.

When we do connect with Source energy, we are aligned with our true nature and the path blossoms ahead of us without work and with pure joy. We come into alignment with our truth. We are connecting with our inner teacher and bliss.

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In this video Ralph Smart shares his wisdom on how to connect to source energy. Namaste.

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