If you’re wondering how to connect with your soul, you’re in luck! We have put together a how-to guide on the subject that will show you one way to connect with your soul.

We call this Soul Search Meditation and it is a very effective way for the relative beginner to connect with the spiritual being inside of them deeply.

So bookmark this page for future reference, then settle in for our guide to Soul Search Meditation – and follow along, if you like!

How To Connect With Your Soul Meditation

Step 1: Prepare Your Space

It’s very important that you have a space dedicated to your spiritual practice if you are committed to a spiritual life.

This area will become sacred to you, and will contain all of the energies and materials you need to properly engage with your spiritual self.

It should be quiet, well lit and comfortable.

There should be a place to lie or sit, preferably both. It should be stocked with a variety of incense, candle, oils, crystals and artwork to assist in getting your mind in to the right place.

For this meditation, and any meditations involving self discovery, we recommend lemon, citrus and menthol scents as well as clear quartz crystal.

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Step 2: Enter A Meditative State

Occupy your space in the most comfortable way you can and close your eyes.

Try to just exist for a while. Clear your mind. This is harder than you might imagine, so don’t worry if you have thoughts pop up over and over again, that’s normal.

The trick is to recognise the thought and then cast it aside. See that it is there, then move on.

Concentrate on your breathing, feeling the air enter and exit your body, and the oxygen rushing through your blood to every fibre of your body.

Step 3: Manifest Your Soul

Once you are successfully clear minded and you begin to feel a real connection with your body, you can attempt to manifest your soul.

Here is where self knowledge and self awareness is key to spiritual meditation.

Bring up images in your mind of the most important moments of your life, as well as memories of the people and things you love as well as the negative actors in your life.

It doesn’t need to be earth shattering; it just needs to be relevant to the core of who you are.

Step 4: Reconnect

As soon as you begin to feel the energy rise within you – often manifested as tingling sensations – you have a chance to reconnect with your soul.

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Listen to the myriad thoughts that begin to rush in front of your eyes. Listen, but don’t pay them mind. Remember them, but don’t dwell.

These are your soul’s desires, fears and concerns. You are on a journey of self discovery.

Step 5: Return & Apply

Then, when all has been said, you will slowly return from your meditative state and back in to the physical world.

Take what you have learned about your soul, and by extension your own nature, and apply those lessons to your life.

Decide what you want from life, what living means to you, and take that information forward as you embark on your spiritual journey moving forward.

And congratulations! Meditation is harder than it looks, and even if it took you a few times to get there, getting there at all is an achievement all in it’s self.