Twin flames are one soul in two bodies; they have a strange but strong connection that keeps them bound together.

Even when they are apart, they remain aware of each other’s presence due to their soul bonding.

Not everyone meets their twin flame in their life, and when they incarnate together, it’s a beautiful yet profoundly devastating relationship.

Once you know and recognise your twin, you could connect with your twin without using the physical means of this world.

Their connection is so strong, they are connected from their heart.

As their core is involved in the association, they could use their consciousness as well as unconsciousness to connect with the twin.

Meditation – A Gateway that Leads towards Twin

Meditation is the one way to connect with your twin telepathically.

It could fulfil your wish to be with your twin whenever you want – even when there are so many physical hurdles around.

If you meditate, you should know how to do it and how to connect with the person.

But, if you have never practised meditation before, then we are here to describe the procedure.

In simple words, meditation is a three steps process.

Sit down – relax your mind – achieve your goal. It is a straightforward process, but people don’t consider it to be that easy.

To connect with your twin, you need to sit back and relax.

Don’t relax that much that your mind sleeps. Let your mind go clear of every thought.

Make it go completely blank.

Don’t let noise and thoughts to disturb you.

Once your mind becomes empty, allow the feelings to pour in and concentrate on your twin when doing so.

To successfully connect with your twin flame by using meditation, it is crucial that you two should be in a relationship.

You could also try it if you want to attract your twin towards you.

However, many people are fascinated with the idea of having a twin.

They even want to communicate with them when even when they have not met them.

If you didn’t encounter your twin yet, then meditation couldn’t help you.

There’s a possibility that your twin hasn’t selected to be reborn with you in this particular life.

Or your twin is already in a strong relationship with someone else.

When you are meditating, it is essential to focus on your twin and to feel their heartbeat.

Use their essence to meditate and reach the desired person.

Many distractions will get in the way – but don’t pay attention and continue focusing on your twin.

To your surprise, it would feel like your twin is standing in front of you and you could feel them.

When you have started to meditate, your mind has sent signals to your twin flame – just like you call on someone’s number and it rings so they could pick up the phone.

Sensing the heartbeat of your twin right in front of you indicates the connection is there.

At first, you might not connect successfully, but as time passes and you practice, it would become easy and precise.

Photo by Manuel Meurisse on Unsplash