A karmic relationship is a romantic involvement that is generated with a person in your soul association in order to correct or heal previous life experiences or pain.

This is a type of a soul mate relationship that is not desirable yet many people do have. It is characterized by difficulties, emotional drain, abusive, manipulative and full of control. You can know you are in a karmic relationship when

  1. You are in a relationship full of an emotional wilderness of extreme up and lows in feelings.
  2. The relationship has been terminated several times and for a logical reason but you keep on getting back together for the same dysfunctional association.
  3. The other party is not willing to either drop or surrender everything to come to your aid in a moment notice.
  4. Does your relationship bond remain strong whenever you have been out of contact for a long time?

Tips To Cope With Karmic Relationship

In many cases, the love relationship we experience in our lives is always karmic by nature. Yet, not all previous relationships are happy ones. Therefore, whenever a relationship is made between you; there is no conceptualization of whether it is a healthy relationship or not apart from being drawn to one another like magnets.

To remedy this situation, the karmic energy has to be rinsed. This is done in order to have a healthy relationship without fear of being left alone, finding someone or being unhappy. The following ways are important in coping with a karmic relationship.karmic relationship

1. Make it a habit to practice acceptance and vision.

Hence, take a keen look at those subconscious trigger factors that emerge more often in your relationship. A relationship is a mirror devoid of coincidence; therefore always observes the art of acceptance and trust.

2. A problem cannot be solved out of the same consciousness that created it.

Hence, it is crucial that you detach yourself mindfully. Achieve this by acknowledging your feelings and creating a healthy distance from them. Consciously observe your feelings without reaction and where possible, abscond yourself from the relationship until when you gain a calm, clearer and empowered perspective.

3. Learn to forgive:

Holding onto resentments is disastrous to your physical and mental health. Through forgiving, you free yourself from the bondage of emotional negativity that is harmful. You are also freeing others from soul agreements that are non advantageous.

4. Take 100% responsibility for your own experiences.

There is no one on earth who can make you feel ashamed, guilty or anger. It is only you who can make this feeling occur as they are all in the mind. By taking a closer look at beliefs that are trigger negative emotions.

You are able to assess if they are actually true. Observe how your actions, reactions, and thoughts have contributed to the problem and thereafter make a healthier choice. This will help you to walk away from dead end relationships and move towards people, locations, and thoughts that generate the best qualities inherent in you.

To conclude, whatever experiences we had with a karmic relationship. How you think, act and treat others in the current life is of most importance. Through putting in our best effort in making informed and better choices and acting responsibly, we can create the type of life that we truly want.