Spiritual awakening is not an easy process to go through. It is like closing your eyes in a dark room, and suddenly opening them in a chamber that is full of bright lights. First, you are unable to open your eyes fully; the lights will hit your cornea so hard that you will forcefully close your eyes again. But, after leaving the dark room, you can sense the presence of light even with your closed eyes. You want to see how it looks.

When you are ready to retake the pain, you will open your eyes. Initially, everything will seem to blur. However, when your eyes become fond of the light, you can see. You now know what it feels like opening your eyes in the brightness. The same happens when you increase your vibration to the higher frequencies.

During the process of spiritual awakening, there are so many things that you are thinking of. There’s a battle in your mind between the physical world you have seen and the spiritual world. You can take the following advice to cope with spiritual awakening:

Stay Calm and Compose:

You are seeing so many new life experiences now. You think that why were you blind for so long. Your perception of nature has been altered greatly. All these things make you lonely and sad. Stay calm and compose and find those people who have already achieved the beautiful spiritual awakening.

Drink lots of water:

Water conducts electrical signals and brain functions by sending these signals here and there. Drinking more water daily doesn’t stop your thirst only, but it can do more than that in the spiritual person. It adjusts changes in vibration in the body and makes your mind clearer for improved focus.

Fight The Depression:

Whatever you see now is real. Being spiritually awakened means you have become way more sensitive than before. You can perceive the emotions of others as well. This may lead to anxiety and depression.

If one person is sad and you can’t do anything about it, so you should not get depressed. You should appreciate yourself that at least you have tried.

Keep your Surroundings Clean:

Unclean and unhygienic environments not only invite germs but negative energies as well. During the process of psychic awakening, you become more vulnerable.

Your body attracts more negative energy than before, and the best way to do that is to clear the unclean surroundings. Keep your house and work place clean, take a good bath, wear good clothes and the lists go on. Do everything that brings prosperity to your positive energy.

What to Avoid:

  • Places that make you feel uneasy
  • Chemicals
  • Stimulants
  • People who are negative
  • Sleepless nights
  • Useless crowd

Accepting the Change:

Spiritual awakening brings lots of changes in your life; accepting these changes doesn’t make your life easy only but also proves beneficial for this process. If you don’t resist the change, it won’t harm you, and you can easily cope with the spiritual awakening.

The more comfortable you find this new energy level, the easier the things will become for you.

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