Most of the people we see and speak with on a daily basis are people with whom we share only a surface connection.

But every now and again a person will come into our lives with whom we share a deep soul connection.

But what is a deep soul connection?

We’re going to run down the ways that a deep soul connection works and the potential it has to empower your spiritual self and improve your time on this planet.

Building A Deep Soul Connection

The power of a soul connection is immense. It allows us to connect on a spiritual level, sharing our vibrational energies and, for some, being able to communicate intuitively.

But building a deep soul connection is the most natural thing you will ever do. In fact, you would have trouble stopping it if the opportunity presented itself.

If you have ever met someone and instantly felt like you have known them forever, that is a likely sign of a deep soul connection. This feeling is common among people in the same soul group.

When two compatible souls meet on the physical plane, their astral selves connect with a silver cord.

This is not the same as the twin flame silver cord but is very similar except that it is less powerful and can be severed by either party.

Souls just connect like that. You may well find yourself along for the ride.

Is This A Deep Soul Connection?

If you are with a partner or prospective partner, you might wonder how to tell if you have a deep soul connection.

These are the signs you can look out for:

  1. You didn’t expect them to show up in your life. Deep soul connections tend to come out of the blue, surprising us and delighting us all at the same time.
  2. You were fast friends – or more. The connection forms right away or not at all, so you don’t need time to warm up to them.
  3. The relationship is exciting and transformative. You find yourself trying things that you would never have tried before, discovering new things about yourself.
  4. You share interests. This is especially true of art and writing, as similar souls find similar pieces of art to be important to them.
  5. They inspire you. Most of all, a deep soul connection is one of mutual admiration, and through this connection, both souls are empowered to fulfil their potential.

Breaking A Deep Soul Connection

Most deep soul connections break down in the end. This might be because of the realities of life, or it might be because you have transformed and no longer share the things that connected souls must share.

We are all ever-changing, and deep soul connections don’t always last forever.

But the effects of that connection can have significant effects on your life and spiritual path. Usually for the better, as you discover things about who you are and what you want.

In fact, it is through deep soul connections that we learn the most about our own soul.

To see our soul reflected in another is to see it from a new perspective, and this can be great for your spiritual growth moving forward.

And sometimes moving forward means leaving a connection in the past. That might be sad, but think of it this way:

“It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”