The word ‘psychic’ has become synonymous with a feeling of bewitchment or a unique experience associated with a certain part of the population.

While anything psychic is undoubtedly a rare occurrence, it is in no way limited to specific people. In this article, we’ll talk about the possibility of making psychic connections with people close to you, and how to create a psychic connection with someone and how to maintain it.

A psychic connection is an uncanny feeling of attachment to a person with whom you share a strong bond. These feelings aren’t confined to love alone.

When you form this connection or bond with someone, you begin to experience day to day occurrences as they would. For example; if the person you’ve developed a connection with is having a bad day, you’ll find yourself trapped in a lousy place for no apparent reason as well.

Hence, a psychic connection is a very deep connection rooted on a spiritual level through which we can experience a whole set of emotions, find ourselves in various unexplainable situations and sense that something strange is about to come, without feeling a need for assurances.

How to make a psychic connection with someone? That’s the million dollar question.

Forming a psychic connection requires forming a bond of sorts with the other person. As I’ve mentioned before, this bond doesn’t have to be based on love. In case of a competitor, this bond can form due to feelings of jealousy or resentment towards them.

To understand this phenomenon better, let’s study a psychic connection that forms when you are in love with someone, ideally this happens between a mother and her child or two romantic partners. When the bond becomes almost unbreakable, you begin to consider yourselves as two halves of a whole – spiritually.

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You may experience strange feelings out of the blue such as sudden sorrow or sudden joy. You cannot associate these feelings with something going on in your life, yet you feel completely entrapped in these feelings.

This might be because your other half is experiencing those exact feelings, and you feel connected to them. You may have more than one romantic partner in your life and a mother may have more than one child, but a psychic connection isn’t formed with just anyone you love, the deeper the feelings are, the higher the possibility of a connection.

You may also feel the need to nurture and protect your other half and hence spend more time thinking about them than others. This may also lead to the formation of a psychic connection.

A psychic bond can also (and in most cases) be one-sided. This depends on how much mental energies you expend on thinking about that person. If you spend most of your time thinking about someone’s social life, their emotional health etc.

You will feel inexplicably connected to them. A psychic connection is a deep-rooted spiritual connection which goes far beyond human comprehension.