Spirituality is a deep connection with the soul and doesn’t get affected by the physical world. It is a very pure association between the person and the spiritual world. Connection with spirituality teaches you to be a good human. This link makes you stronger. However, if you are living with the souls who are still asleep, you might face a problem because you stand unique among them, and all do not accept the uniqueness.

When you are inclined more towards spirituality, you will find so many pessimists in the way. They can’t understand you and the benefits of the spiritual world and want to fill your heart with negative feelings and thoughts for your spirituality, and it’s associated ways.

These poor souls have not found peace and comfort yet, and feel agony and pain when they see how you can stay happy in the world full of hatred and chaos. If you meet any of them in life, you should know how to deal with any spiritual pessimist.

There are different ways to deal with the spiritual pessimists:

Remember! Don’t Expect They Will Understand

Just think for a second, how many people are there in the world who can fully understand you? Or how many people smile when you are happy, and cry when you are sad? If you think deeply, you will come up with one or two names. How can you expect the world to understand your connection with the spiritual world? They will not know what you feel until they put themselves in your shoes, and a pessimist will never do it.

Never Give Proof

A one-time argument is meaningful, and the rest of the arguments on the same topic might shatter your belief as well, and it is better to stay away. It doesn’t matter what they think and what they don’t. You are the master of your own life and don’t follow the rules made by others. Give it a thought for a second! Are they changing their way of thinking for you? Your answer will be no. All your proof and effort you make are in vain. Then why are you bothering yourself with what they say?


When you don’t know what to do and how to calm your mind, meditate the problem away. It will clear your mind and increase your connection with the spiritual world which you need most when you meet a pessimist. Spiritual pessimists are there to destroy what you have. Meditation will make you grow stronger and help you to fight their pessimism.

 Talk to your Healer or Spiritual partner

One mind is not able to see the same details as two minds can. Taking help is not the bad idea and connecting with the people who are like you will help you in this matter. They will help you to understand why are you standing in this place and what spirituality is providing you.

They will also show you the real face of the pessimists and what’s going on in their minds. But seek help from the spiritually mature person to get the correct guidance. You can also connect to the social media groups on the internet with which you share a common interest.