It can be difficult for a medium to know how best to develop their medium abilities.

There is a lot of advice out there, and it can get confusing.

The reason that advice on developing your medium abilities is so varied and confusing is that everybody’s journey to becoming an expert medium is unique to them.

That makes it hard to give specific advice.

But there is much wisdom to learn from the journeys of other mediums.

This is how the expert mediums got to where they are today:

Regular Meditation, Dream Journalling & Self Care

The first and most important way to develop your medium abilities is to live your life spiritually.

It is not a passive activity – you can’t just “be spiritual” – it’s a way of life you consciously follow every day.

Build the habits that all experienced mediums use.

That’s regular meditation at least once a day, keeping a dream journal and engaging in chakra healing and contemplation.

Spiritual health is vital for a medium, so you can’t hope to develop your medium abilities without maintaining your spiritual health.

Maintaining your physical health is also essential, as spiritual health and physical health are closely linked.

So eat healthily, get in a bit of exercise and make sure you pay attention to any mental health problems that might crop up.

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Widen Your Psychic Abilities

Budding mediums tend to fall into the trap of concentrating their energy on a narrow selection of “medium abilities”.

You can do this for a while – but eventually, you will hit the ceiling.

In order to break through and keep developing your medium abilities, you need to develop your other psychic abilities.

Practising and developing your clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance and clairsentience abilities will help to widen your general psychic abilities, which in turn helps to open channels for communication with the spirit world.

Ensure You Are Preparing Yourself Properly

Trying to practice mediumship without adequately preparing yourself can lead to many problems.

The most common reason that your medium abilities might fail is that you were not adequately prepared to use them.

Before attempting to contact the spirit world, you must ensure that you are emotionally clear.

To practice grounding, clearing and focusing daily will allow you to get to the right point. Doing so will let you to clear your emotional field quickly before a session.

Don’t Do It Alone!

Finally, the soundest advice any developing medium can get while they are building their medium abilities is not to do it alone!

While you can learn a lot from online resources, once you start to get the hang of the basics nothing will boost your development more effectively than a medium mentor.

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It might not be possible for you – but that’s fine, joining a community or making friends with other mediums can often have the same effect.

After all, we all thrive on community and kinship. A happy, connected medium is an effective, insightful medium.

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