Third eye chakra blockage can considerably sap the powers of your intuition. You might feel as if your feet are fixated in an inescapable slum of time.

Your mental vision might become blurry, bringing misdirection to your life. Distrust and disbelief might constantly lead you astray from your true purpose in life.

You might also feel demotivated and dispirited by the slightest of failures. Living with such a weakened mental state is excruciating, that’s why the healing of the third charka holds paramount importance.

Physical Symptoms of Third Eye Chakra Blockage

Third chakra blockage can emaciate your physical being. This particular energy regulates our pituitary gland and neurosensory pathways.

In the event of malfunction or blockage, you might experience an inability to fight meagre diseases, insomnia, high blood pressure and other ailments, which might aggravate with time if the third chakra is not healed. Other physical symptoms of third chakra blockage include:

  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Fits

How to purify your Third Chakra

So what can you do to clear the contaminants causing the third eye chakra blockage? I’ve assembled a list of time-proven tips to help you clear your pathways.

Mitigate Overthinking

Drop down on the overthinking and over-analysing. Overthinking pretty rapidly evolves into anxiety and depression.

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Our insecurities and the opinions of people are the primary culprits behind our overstrained minds. But you can’t screen everything someone says. What we can do is process information neutrally. Get that inside your head that not every comment or remark is aimed at you.

The voices inside our head only have power over us if we give them unrestricted access to our past. Focus on the NOW.

Fall back to your Comfort zones

Third eye chakra blockage has a bruising effect on our intuition. A mind devoid of intuition is competitive. It takes up frivolous challenges and processes negative vibes.

Our intuition is the voice of our heart. It leads us to ambitions and passions which are our heart’s desire and make us feel comfortable in our skin and mind.

Let go of the competitive energy that is trying to drain your emotional reserves. Embrace your comfort zones instead of contending against everything and everyone.

Believe in the Unbelievable

Intuition can be derived from a variety of sources, including auras and spontaneous information. For example, some people come across unusual happenings, such as visualisations of apparitions or déjà vu. Instead of brushing off these sensations, analyse them.

It will strengthen your intuitions. Our belief is what makes our intuition capable of picking up on fears and untoward events. If we show disbelief towards things that have touched our lives, our third eye chakra problems are going to aggravate for sure.

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Third chakra eye blockage isn’t something you should just disregard as a minor inconvenience. Its symptoms are pretty real and can make life hell for you if not treated promptly.

Make sure you indulge in spiritual practices, such as meditation and yoga. Moreover, sometimes taking a leap of faith is the best thing to clear out the third eye chakra blockage. Not only does it propel you towards newer things in life, but it also imbues courage in you.