Once you’ve taken the necessary measures to open your chakra, you need to assure yourself that your efforts to restore your chakra are indeed yielding positive results.

An open chakra can make you feel elated and mentally resilient. It can drive you towards greater things in life and turn the tide of time in your favour.

Having an open chakra heralds the imminence of great beginnings and triumphant endings. So, how can you ascertain that you have an open chakra?

Here are some simple signs that confirm the seamless flow of chakra in your body and soul.

A newfound meaning in life

Life used to feel meaningless and purposeless. It felt as if you were entrapped in an existential crisis, and all the exit routes had been blocked off.

But now, you feel a sudden change. You feel as if you’ve stumbled across new-found meaning in life. You no longer feel demotivated and uninspired.

Even when times are tough, you have the mental capacity to row through them with an uncanny effortlessness.

You don’t know who is supplying you with prolific amounts of this positive energy, but you’re still using it to navigate the tortuous paths of your life.

When your chakras are opened, you will feel a wave of optimism sweep you away to all the things you desire in life.

When an opened chakra unleashes its power, you’ll feel an unprecedented sense of ease, even when the odds are against you.

Diminishing fears

Fear holds you captive by forming a scaffold around your chakra. Chakra is a force that feasts on your fears and lays ruin to its existence.

When a chakra’s pathway is blocked, it no longer keeps your fears at bay. On the other hand, a balanced chakra can make you feel differently.

You won’t feel scared or frightened when you’re advancing towards something risky. You won’t thwart at the sight of the capricious future.

You’ll hold your ground, and stare into its eyes with sheer courage.

Elevation of self-esteem

Depression, stress and other mental disorders are all the result of an imbalanced chakra. When your chakra is opening, you’ll no longer feel depressed.

You’ll feel liberated from your mental shackles. Depression and anxiety stop us from interacting with our loved ones and doing the things we love.

Once your chakras are opened, they will restore balance to your social and family life. They will instil in you the confidence to interact with others without hesitation or holding back.

Your self-esteem will also sky-rocket.

Letting go of abusive relationships

When our chakras are blocked, we lose our wits. The ability to logically reason diminishes. Our self-ego reigns supreme in our spiritual realms, and it coerces us to indulge in abusive relationships.

Once our chakra opens, self-ego abdicates its throne, and we are able to think logically.

We are able to decide what’s best for us. Most of all, we are able to muster the courage to let go of toxic relationships.